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Where Did Herbert Hoover Go to College

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Herbert Hoover, the 31st President of the United States, attended college at Stanford University in California. He enrolled in 1891, the first year that the school was open and tuition was waived for all students that year. He was the student manager of both, the football team and the baseball team and in 1895, he graduated with a degree in geology.

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Where did herbert hoover go to school?

Hoover went to West Branch (Iowa) Free School in Iowa and. Friends Pacific Academy (now John Fox University) Newburg, Oregon for elementary education . He did not get a high school diploma but passed the entrance exams at Stanford U and entered there… More »

When was Herbert Hoover Born?

Herbert Clark Hoover was born in 1874 in Iowa. As the 31st President, his term of office lasted from 1929 – 1933, during the Great Depression. To find more information click here: … More »

Where did Herbert Hoover go to College?

He attended. Stanford University, entering in 1891 at age 17 and. graduating with an engineering degree in 1895…. More »

What did herbert hoover go to college to be?

He went to a college in Oregon and decided that he wanted to study geolog…… More »

Where did Herbert Hoover grow up?

west branch iowa… More »

What is Herbert Hoovers cause and date of death?

Herbert Hoover died of massive internal bleeding on Tuesday, October 20, 1964 at 11:25 AM EDT in New York City…. More »

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    One example is Both Tom Brady (MVP of Super Bowls XXXVI & XXXVIII) and Gerald Ford (38th President of the United States) attended the University of Michigan.

    There are 4 more. Can you get them! First one to get them or most of them gets 10 points!

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    I know that there are several disciplines in each area but what is your opinion of this? Suppose that you would like to study one of these as an undergraduate.

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    And Was Abraham Lincoln one of the least qualified?

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    I am doing a project on the U.S. Government and on Washington D.C. and have to find words that have to do with those topics. They can start with any letter of the alphabet from A-M.
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    Have they benefitted the system at all?

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    I did a little study and found out that most were from states like Virginia and New York. Why is that?

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    What are their names and which university?

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    I’m just curious about what *most* presidents major in.

  12. Dan says:

    i mean governor, senator, mayor, etc.. is it pride?

  13. Lucyy16 says:

    The republican party who gave us George W Bush, George H. Bush, Dan Quayle, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and of course Herbert Hoover.

  14. Andrea says:

    Navy is one, Michigan is one……and maybe stanford and harvard?? i dunno. HELP! ANd I have 2 know the pres. and quarterback.
    I know the Pres. and Qb. for Mavy and MIchigan. I need the others.

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    besides thomas jefferson, who else were plantation owners?

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