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Who was the 39 President

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The person who was the thirty-ninth President of the United States was James Earl "Jimmy" Carter. He was president from 1977 to 1981. He was sometimes called the "Peanut President" because he was a wealthy peanut farmer.

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Which President is on Each Coin?

Let’s see. Lincoln is on the penny, Jefferson’s on the nickel, Washington on the quarter, and Roosevelt’s on the dime. Oh yes, and the 50 cent piece features JFK…. More »

Who was the 36 president?

Lyndon B. Johnson was the 36th President of the United States. He assumed office after the a…… More »

Who was the 39th President?

The 39th President of the United States was James Earl Carter Jr. He served from 1977 until 1981. He was born on October 1st 1924 in plains Georgia…. More »

Who was the 39 president in the US?

Jimmy Carter…. More »

Who was the 39 president?

James Carter… More »

Who was president 39 years ago?

Richard M. Nixon was president in 1972…. More »

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  1. Gul says:

    I was wondering what the 39th president, Jimmy Carter, did good for the country. Thanks
    Also what he did bad, thanks.

  2. Mahala says:

    Dr Rajendra Prasad is the ’1st’ President of India. Now form a question to get the one word answer ’1st’.

  3. Dappledew says:

    He was not sure if they would be sending out SS checks if he did not get his way and get the debt ceiling raised What their not telling us a very high percentage of old people died from heart failure that night so do you think ”president” Obama has some responsibility in this?

  4. Dtourond says:

    I know he was asked to become ‘president’ of France, he took command of the National Guard, and led the Three Glorious Days. Did he do anything else? Also, can someone elaborate on the three things I stated above? I don’t know much about them.

  5. Sara Wayy Or Hannah Love says:

    Why can’t President Obama issue an Executive Order to block the bonuses of AIG Executives who caused the company’s near collapse.

  6. Luka says:

    Did you not learn from the Ft Hood killings ”President” Obama told you guys not to jump to conclusion over this ”work place violence” after all none looked like they could hve been Mr Obama son now did they?

  7. Junoi says:

    Lol sorry exaggerated a bit on the ‘president’ part but yeah if you have any good jokes that are good enough for the ‘president’ please im desprate<–bad spelling

  8. Armoni says:

    Does this so called ‘president’ have a freakin’ clue? As if terrorists have rights! WTF!
    As far as I’m concern (Treat), terrorists, either home grown or not, don’t have any rights.

  9. Saiyamara says:

    electing its first so called ‘black’ president?

    Yes,my grandson…I was a part of history,I voted for this country’s first black president…

    Grandson to grandpa: Thanks alot You stupid azzhole!

  10. Charlie says:

    Like I want to start an Environmental club at school, so does that mean I’m president since I’m the creator? How do we elect officers, vice president, etc?

  11. Pinkpolkadots says:

    Now that the election is over and the people has spoken, Barack Obama is going to be the nation’s president. I know that there are mixed feelings about the results. I was wondering, How do you feel about Barack Obama as president now?

  12. Andrea Harvey says:

    Now that Obama’s president? Promoting domestic terrorism by using lies and fear to threaten the police and government makes you a ‘patriot’?

  13. Kenneth Gomez says:

    Please cite a source. I think it’s president Ortega?

  14. Colton's Mommy says:


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