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How to Remove Insulation from Wire

You may have similar questions as How to Remove Attic Insulation and How Does Insulation Work,or you may also seek several useful information about How To Skin Copper Wire With A Knife To Remove Insulation. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Burn Insulation off of Copper Wire,too. Read more as following:

In order to remove the insulation from wire you will need some wire strippers and some electrical tape. Begin by taking the wire stripping tool and matching the hole to the wire diameter.

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How to remove attic insulation?

1. Test the insulation for asbestos. There are home test kits available in hardware stores. If the insulation tests positive for asbestos call a professional to remove it immediately. Exposure to asbestos can cause lung and other health problems. Oth… More »

How does insulation work?

By keeping your heat in your home longer, home insulation can keep your energy bills from getting too high. This type of insulation comes in fiberglass, foam and cellulose. It is placed inside the walls, in the floor and rafters of the attic, under f… More »

How to skin copper wire with a knife to remove insulation?

1. Put on your leather work gloves before beginning. 2. Hold one end of the wire away from you in your non-dominant hand (i.e., your left hand if you’re right-handed) with 6 to 12 inches of wire sticking out from your hand. 3. Hold the knife in your… More »

Which materials provide the best insulation when you’re cold?

Goose down jackets are both warm and lightweight. Made of goose feathers, down provides insulating warmth in cold weather. When down is packed into a coat, for instance, air collects between clumps of fluffy feathers and is warmed by body heat. The r… More »

How to remove insulation on a small wire for scrap?

1. Measure the length of the wire from which you want to extract copper. If it is longer than a foot, use a pair of wife cutters and cut the wire into one-foot sections. This will allow for easier stripping. 2. Hold one end of the section of wire in… More »

How to remove insulation from copper wire?

1. Determine the amount of wire to be stripped for the task. A good length rule is to strip two times the amount needed to make the required connection. Excess can always be removed if desired after stripping. If the wire is double-strung, meaning tw… More »

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  1. Divinelotus says:

    please help me?
    insulation wire is shown in a photo ?
    if you like to see pic ,give me your mail i send picture.

  2. Adgjm says:

    I work as an electrician so I always have little pieces of wire kicking around the problem is I want to take the wire in for scrap any ideas to remove the insulation without doing it piece by piece with my knife?

  3. Keegan says:

    I had a leak and removed all insulation. About half of it had to be tossed. i want to re-use about half of the insulation. But when I stuff these bats of insulation back up into the ceiling, what’s the best way to get them to stay up there before I put drywall up?

  4. Pirate_gurl727 says:

    I read somewhere that highly concentrated acetone (>90%) would dissolve PVC. I also read that THHN wire has PVC insulation. Would soaking it in acetone over a prolonged period of time remove the insulation without reacting with the copper?

  5. Peggy says:

    I’m scrapping the wire. I’ve tried stripping it and I cannot burn it because the scrap yard will not accept it. I just need to know if there’s an acid for this.

  6. Ryuuhatake says:

    I cut off the ends of my stereo wire because they weren’t in good shape. The wire is probably 16 gauge. How do cut the casing down and pull up the wire? I’ve tried using a knife, but it is a hard elastic material.

  7. Heather Raspern says:

    The black wire came off of the input jack of my guitar, it’s not broken, I touched it against the inside of the input jack, where the white wire is connected, and it works. How do I get it back on?

    I have a Stratcoaster if it matters.

  8. Yasha says:

    There are 2 other switches on the circuit, and it is very difficult to retrieve the wire back to the circuit. I have decided to simply cap them and push them into the wall. How should I cap them?

  9. Calzrhe says:

    I am installing a gps system and I need to ground a wire. There’s this metal thing under my dash that I will ground it to and it has a hole. I saw a picture of someone doing the same install and they put a bolt in the hole and a ground wire is attached to it. how do i attach the wire to the bolt?

  10. You Jelly says:

    I have a Samsung digital player but the insulation of its headphone wires becomes somewhat inflexible, stiff or rigid.
    With regards to headphone’s performance, it is still working fine.

    Any suggestions please. Thanks in advance..

  11. Leah Smith says:

    my landlord opened up the ceiling in the hall outside my apartment to work on the electrical wiring. it has been a month now, and no one has closed up the ceiling yet, so all the wiring is exposed. the gas boiler is in very close proximity to the wires. is this a hazard?

  12. Stephenie says:

    or what else can I do to tell them apart? I asked someone to buy a copper magnet wire for me, however he does not know for sure if he got the right one. I need a magnet wire to create a homemade guitar pickup.

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