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how to make crack with ammonia

You may have similar questions as How Do You Separate Crack From Cocaine With Ammonia and How Do You Seperate Crack From Cocaine With Ammonia,or you may also seek several useful information about Freebase Cocaine How to Make. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Recipes to Make Crack Cocaine,too. Read more as following:

To make crack you need a about a gram of coke and ten to fifteen milliliters of ammonia. Heat the mixture until it separates leaving an oil on the surface. Continue heating until it all coagulates.

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How do you separate crack from cocaine with ammonia?

technicaally u cant but u can definitly turn cocain into crack… More »

How do you seperate crack from cocaine with ammonia?

technicaally u cant but u can definitly turn cocain into crack… More »

How do you make freebase cocaine and smoke it?

mayne, ur best off injecting some straight powder. now that’s intence mayne…. More »

How to cook crack?

Crack is cooked using one part cocaine, one part baking soda, and two parts water. These are combined in a beaker or metal spoon over medium-high heat. The cocaine will mix with the baking soda and turn into crack rocks…. More »

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  1. Karin<3 says:

    Urea is fed into urea to ammonia converter. Then the ammonia formed is cracked in ammonia cracker and the hydrogen is combusted.

    According to my calculations this can be economic.
    Is my conclusion correct?

  2. Katie Girl says:

    Could this device (theoretically) be used for a Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine Vehicle (HICEV) pulling from a tank full of ammonia?

  3. Spencer says:

    They sometimes use them in movies, you crack them in front of your nose or another persons to wake them up. If you know, where could i find some of these?

  4. Horsegal00 says:

    would the outer shell eventually dissolve or would it not since it is a base. Would the ammonia diffuse into the egg? I am just wondering because I know that vinegar would dissolve the shell since it is acidic but what would a base such as ammonia do?

  5. Kara Williamson says:

    I was wondering if anyone knew what that pill object is that you crack open in front of someone and they like instantly wake up. Is this a drug or something? I have seen this mostly in movies and tv shows so is it a real thing or just made up?

  6. Loveeee says:

    mold and mildew in the cracks of my shower. I’ve tried to use a butterknife to scrape it off and a bleach pen as well. None of that has worked so far…HELP!!!!

  7. Ranchu says:

    I’m in a d&d campaign and I want to know if this is a practical thing or if my friend is on crack for suggesting it.

  8. Slumberhippiey says:

    Theres some sort of odd fungus growing from the cracks in my home’s basement floor. In my basement, it floods when it rains, but we’ve never had this problem with fungus before. Its not mold, I know that for sure, but im not sure how to get rid of it.

  9. Lil Killa says:

    What is the best way to clean tiled floors? I know many people use the floor cleaning machine, but I don’t have one.

    Anyone have a ‘manual’ solution that will clean it really nice, especially in between the cracks? Please help.

  10. Hermione says:

    I want to take my center caps off and paint them black or red. Could i do this with spray paint? I mean take some ammonia rub it on there to get everything off of it and then put a few coats of paint on it?

  11. Jennifer says:

    I have noticed spiders appearing under my bathroom/toilet sink every night, I’ve checked if there are any holes or cracks there but couldn’t see any.
    I am in UK so would like to know which product could I buy to get rid of them

  12. Jazzeei Lady says:


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