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What does Astm Mean

You may have similar questions as What Is Astm and What does ASTM Stand for,or you may also seek several useful information about How To Cite Astm Standards. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to ASTM Standards Download Free,too. Read more as following:

ASTM is the abbreviation or acronym for the American Society of Testing and Materials. They are a voluntary group who test procedures and standards.

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What is Astm?

ASTM is the American Society for Testing and Materials. The ASTM develops standards for materials, methods of testing, services and products…. More »

What does ASTM Stand for?

Most commonly, ASTM stands for the American Society for Testing and Materials. There are however several other definitions for this acronym. … More »

How to cite astm standards?

1. Start the reference string with the basic designation of the standard. For example, "ASTM Standard C33. 2. Add the edition or version, separated by a comma, from the basic designation. For example, "ASTM Standard C33, 2003. If ASTM has published a… More »

What Is ASTM Steel?

ASTM International is an organization that publishes documents and develops standards on a wide variety of materials and processes. ASTM steel is steel that has been graded by ASTM and meets certain performance requirements. Manufacturers follow ASTM… More »

What does astm mean?

Anyone that is interested in any of their activities is eligible to join ASTM. Any group may request a committee to study specific areas that they think may need testing, or standards, applied. Every year ASTM publishes an annual book of new or upgra… More »

How to test laboratories for astm?

1. Find out the right standard that you need to purchase for your laboratory through ASTM. There are specific compliance standards associated with the type of laboratory which you are running required to meet the ASTM standards. For instance, there a… More »

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  1. Sandy says:

    I mean what type; for piping purposes.

  2. Amu says:

    What does material ASTM A106 Grade B stands for? Its a carbon steel material but i want to know that 106 and this Grade B means?

  3. Rod says:

    I see a lot of “316L surgical steel” is that good?
    is it the best? if not, what is the best? what exactly does surgical steel mean?

  4. K K says:

    Can anyone tell me what ASTM D4236 means, so that I can make a decision on whether to use the set or simply throw it out?

  5. Carolyn says:

    I am looking at ASTM C29 right now, and it says to get a unit weight for an aggregate, one step is to “Calibrate the bucket.” Specifically, what is the procedure to perform this? How can a unit weight for the aggregate be obtained from this action.

  6. Horseluver92 says:

    Machine weight is 17500 Kg
    Each crane capacity is 12500 Kg
    beam lenght is 4.5m and square cross section area
    and material of beam is ASTM A615 Gr60
    beam attach to machine in 3 point
    Wath is the cross section area dimension of beam?

  7. Mr.d says:

    Weights for routine testing
    Large Weight/Class OIML/ASTM 50 g / F2/4
    Small Weight/Class OIML/ASTM 2 g / E2/2

    Trying to calibrate a scale and find the MOE. Does this show what the MOE is. If so, what does it mean.

  8. Livelovelaughrescue! says:

    I was informed that it is very hard to find the sand for glass fabrication. Only few countries have conditions to supply the world market. Why this sand is so difficult to be found? Which countries are the actual suppliers?

  9. Christopher says:

    I used to live in a house built in 1959 that had galvanized pipe, and I sold one last year that was built in 1962 and had copper pipe. Both are in Livonia, Michigan.

  10. Leonardtheredbetta says:

    What is the significance of timber to a civil engineer? Why is it important for a civil engineer to know about the properties of timber and its uses?

  11. Canecoruso says:

    should consider a concrete tower designation, in order to reduce the dust inside the clinker silos located at the silo center. Therefore, it is kindly requested that you consider this design

  12. Bobjoefredsky says:

    And what type of experience should you have under your belt for getting an entry level job doing this?

  13. Thezombiewarrior!! says:

    Is there a simple home test you can do or do you have to have it tested professionally in a laboratory?

  14. Luis says:

    Is it possible to ride without a bridle and a saddle? If so, how do you guide the horse in different directions? And is it possible to do show jumping without a bridle and a saddle? How should this be done?

  15. Bard says:

    I am planning to complete a masters in chemical engineering, environmental engineering or sustainable engineering. which are the best universities in the US/UK for these courses? also, is post grad study in the UK recommended for an Indian student? thanks a lot!

  16. Sam Rodriguez says:

    Calculations for % composition of alloy. That is the question. I have a table of lab results and stuff just need to know the furmula in order to find it out. THANKS!

  17. Salocin says:

    What does class 900 of valve means? class 300? any site where I can find related information?

  18. Kayleveille says:


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