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Why do They Call Them Charger Plates

You may have similar questions as What Is the Origin of Charger Plates and Where Did the Name Charger Plate Come from,or you may also seek several useful information about What Is a Charger Plate Used for. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Wholesale Charger Plates,too. Read more as following:

A charger plate derived its nickname from the fact that is never directly touches food. It is used as a resting place for bowls and plates that actually contain food items.

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What is the origin of the phrase charger plate?

The phrase "charger plate" originated with a late Latin verb "carricare" or "carcare, meaning "to load, according to Oxford Dictionaries. The word "chargeour" entered Middle English in 1305, probably from an Anglo-Norman word meaning "that which load… More »

Where did the name "charger" for a plate come from?

The word has French roots: in French "charger" means "to fill." Ideally the plate would be filled with food…. More »

What is a Charger Plate Used for?

A charger plate is used at a formal table either as a place setting until the food is served, and it is then removed. Or it can be used to hold the bowls or plates that the food is served on. For more information see here: … More »

Why is a Plate Called a Charger?

A charger is actually an oversize plate that is placed under a dinner plate. Their purpose is to hold the place setting between courses at a fancy dinner table…. More »

Why do they call them charger plates?

Charger plates function as a resting place onto which food-bearing dishes and bo…… More »

How to use a charger for formal dining?

1. Spread your tablecloth over your table. Set place mats out at each chair, if you want to use them. Although place mats are optional, they do help protect the tablecloth from accidental spills. 2. Set a charger at each chair, centered over the plac… More »

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  1. Rob says:

    In fancy restaurants there is often a place setting on the table when the diners are seated. Part of this setting is a plate that food is never put on, but is taken away by the waiter early on. What is this plate called? “Charger” has been suggested, but that seems rather vague.

  2. Isabelle B says:

    If so,how? My charger for the house isn’t working and the replacement won’t be shipped until Jan.9. The only working is hte car charger and I don’t want to be in the car for hourse. If there is a way to use a cigerette charger inside the house,please let me know

  3. Elisabeth says:

    I see these things in all the stores called “chargers” and you put them under plates to make them more fancy. Why do they call them “chargers” – thank you

  4. Connor says:

    As in the fancy dinner plates that have no food and are taken away shortly after you sit down.

  5. Leo Jb says:

    It is a Sony Cybershot T70. What is that item called so I can look for one to buy one? I would think the camera would have come with that item. Does anyone know and how much would one be? Thanks.

  6. Blane says:

    plate. Is it called a STARTER plate. I feel like it is called something different but similar. Like in a fancy restaurant. The plate that is before you that looks like a dinner plate but is removed before the entree was served.

  7. Blubber says:

    I am looking to move in to a 3 bedroom apartment in the PA area. When I’ve rented before all utilities have been included in the rent. However, this apartment is all electric. How much do I plan on spending on water and heat a month?

  8. Awesomedantefan6 says:

    I purchased a Panasonic digital camera that comes with a lithium battery and a charger.
    Next month I’m traveling to London and I know they use 240V instead of 120V as in America. Can I just buy an adapter and that’s it or I won’t be able to charge the battery there?

  9. You Jelly says:


  10. Xxrawrxx says:

    I’m not using it to crank a motor, just for lights on my boat and a 34lb thrust trolling motor.

  11. Shaymin says:


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