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How Did They Dress in the 80s

You may have similar questions as How Did Teenagers Dress in the 80's and How To Dress 80s,or you may also seek several useful information about How Did They Dress In The 80. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to How Did They Dress in the 1980s,too. Read more as following:

In the 80s, everything dealing with fashion and dress was big. Big hair, big earrings, and shoulder pads to make shoulders look big. Bright was also a big trend as far as how folks dressed. Neon colors were a must have. Yes, even for the guys.

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How Did Teenagers Dress in the 80?

In the 1980s, teenagers often dressed very casually. Most of them wore either tight, nylon leggings or nylon parachute pants. Nylon was the fabric of the decade!… More »

How to Dress 80s?

It’s pretty simple to dress like you’re from the 80′s. You should wear tight legged jeans, preferably stone wash, along with a bright colored shirt that has some sort of cartoon character on it. If you have long hair, you should make your bangs as ta… More »

How Did They Dress in the 80?

Fashion in the 80′s is sometimes scary to remember! Everything was neon. Big, bold neon colors. Shell suits were in. Those shiny, slippery jackets and matching pants in horrible neon colors. Shoulder pads were worn by women..big shoulder pads! Men gr… More »

How to dress like the 80′s?

1. Look at old photos or. the Internet. for reference. Pop icons of the 1980s such as David Bowie, Madonna and Cyndi Lauper are perfect to use for research. Write down the styles they wore that you feel would look good on you. Take your ideas list wi… More »

How to Dress 80?

To dress as if you are living in the 1980′s, if you’re a female you could tease your bangs up really high, and put a ponytail off the side of your head. The other things you could do are wear black rubber and colored rubber ring bracelets, big hoop e… More »

How Did They Dress in the 80s?

The 1980′s were such a tragic time for fashion. There was denim everywhere you looked in the form of jackets, vests and jeans. Shoulder pads were in as well as neck-less sweat shirts. All this was topped off with chunky jewelry and big (and I mean bi… More »

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  1. Nancy says:

    Hi, just found out my department at work is gonna dress 80s themed the friday before halloween. i need some ides? what to wear? any links with outfit ideas would be great too

  2. Carole says:

    I’m dressing 80s for a party and I need help!

  3. Astha says:

    I need to dress 80s for a day but I dont know what to wear that people will instantly reconize as 80s i am not from the 80s so I dont know how to do my hair and stuff so I need 80s fashion help
    please pictures if possible in any way! thx <3

  4. Manasa says:

    Next week is homecoming week at my school and we have to dress in 80s hip hop attire wednesday.

  5. Zaid I says:

    We are planning a wedding and would like to have a little bit of an 80s flavour to it, not really a theme wedding but the colours are pink and black and the dresses are all 80s inspired. We want it to be classy and elegant as well without looking cheap. any ideas for this?

  6. Suraj says:

    My friend is having a birthday sleepover thingg and she wants us to dress like the 80s/90s .
    We’re 14 and 15 years olddd.
    That is me in the profile pic if that helps ._.
    I really dont want to wear a dress though.

  7. Suzistar says:

    I’m turning 14 and I’m a guy. I know it’s easier for the girls to dress in 80s clothes and since I’m a guy, I can’t think of anything. My sister is going to have a side ponytail and a striped shirt that reveals the shoulders. What can I wear?

  8. Taco says:

    I think this movie was made somewhere between 2005-2010.

    As I recall there are 2 or 3 guys who are roommates.

    One of the roommates likes to dress with an 80s moustache, so he can pick up older women who dig that look in clubs.

  9. Nyabby says:

    i have my middle school dance in a week and i need to know how to dress! please help! it is 80s themed

  10. Nerdy Hipster says:

    I’m trying to dress 80s for my sadies dance! Any other suggestions would be helpful. Thanks(:

  11. Kinglouie says:

    I talked to the girl who was selling it and she doesn’t know too much about it. I was just wondering if anyone knew who the dress was by or where I could find it or something similar?

  12. L.j. says:

    i LOVE 80s style, but i want to work it into my wardrobe modernly, so not like a sideways pony or anything but just a modern version of the 80s fashion sense. Any help?

  13. Dylan says:

    I’m 15. I found this AMAZINGGGGGGG super tight sexy sparkly gold dress from the 80s and I really wanna wear it for Halloween, but I have no idea what to be. D: I was thinking about just putting wings on the back of it but my friend’s being an angel and she doesn’t want us to match. -_- Any ideas?

  14. Person says:

    So im a guy and im having a 80s day at school for seniors and i am trying to look into how to dress in a 80s rock style. if you guys could give me some ideas that would be great and also i have kinda short hair what should i do with my hair?

  15. Destanie says:

    For my highschool team, we are all going to dress from a different decade, and I am dressing from the 80′s. So what should my outfit look like, my tennis outfit that is, what should I wear to make myself look like i’m from the 80′s ?

  16. Blondie103 says:

    I’m not very good at 60s/70s/80s/90s fashion etc.

    I’m going to a friend’s fancy dress 80s party. Does this sound like an OK outfit – leotard, coloured tights, legwarmers, denim jacket and curly hair? I don’t know what decade you’d put that in. Help! If it’s not 80s, any suggestions?

    Thanks :)

  17. Christopher says:

    I was told to dress in “’80s concert attire”.

    I thought we should just wear suits, but my fiance’ said we should respect the couple’s theme and and dress in torn jeans and black concert T-shirts.

    The weather is predicted to be 90F.

  18. Artificialdragon says:


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