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How does One Tie An Obi

You may have similar questions as How to Tie a Bowtie and How To Tie An Obi,or you may also seek several useful information about How To Tie A Mens Obi. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Instructions to Tie a Bow Tie,too. Read more as following:

An obi has a very specific way it should be tied. Making sure the center of the belt is directly below your navel, wrap the belt twice around your body. The knot is tied in front and the ends should be equal lengths when you are done.

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How to Tie a Bowtie?

Don’t want to wear that old boring clip on bow-tie well guess what you can tie your own. To tie your own bow-tie it can be done in 16 simple steps. Some people find it hard to tie a bow-tie but with practice you’ll be able to tie them in the blink of… More »

How to tie an obi?

Obi tying can be really complicated! The most well known type is the butterfly obi, which can be accomplished like this: wrap the obi around you, and place the ‘te’ end over the ‘tare’ end, then tie them. Fold the tare end three times, and then the c… More »

How to Tie a Men’s Obi

An obi is a sash that is worn with traditional Japanese clothing and in Japanese martial arts as part of the kimono outfit. Obis vary in size and detail for men and women. A woman’s obi can be nearly 12 inches wide and 13 feet long, while a man’s obi… More »

How to tie a kimono obi?

1. Wrap the obi around your upper midsection until you have two tails, one reaching to your waist and the other reaching just beyond your feet. 2. Fold the shorter end in half lengthwise, so that it is narrower than the long end. 3. Cross the short e… More »

How to tie a japanese obi?

1. Wrap the narrow end of the obi around your waist. Leave about 3 feet of the obi tail free in the back. 2. While making sure that where the obi changes width, from 6 inches to 12 inches, is in the middle part of your back, tie the ends together. Le… More »

How to tie an obi sash?

1. Hold the obi sash in front of your body and wrap it around your waist twice. When wrapping the sash around your waist, cross the ends one over the other. 2. Tie the sash ends with each other so one end is up through the sash and the other below. W… More »

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  1. Robert Gifford says:

    I need to cosplay her and i got 3 layers of kimono an obi and two other cloths and a rope. So what do i do???

  2. Julia says:

    I’ve heard that tying your kimono belt in the back has a meaning and tying it in the front has a different meaning. Is this true or was this person misinformerd?

  3. Jeffrey V says:

    I can’t describe it well, but traditionally, the hakama and gi flare out right? This one flares out as well, but stops at the knees and forearms because you tie it, and makes your knees look mushroomy… with the gi, it could probably be done with gauntlets or something.

  4. Mark Stram says:

    My wedding is this weekend and I’m trying to remember how the saleslady tied the sash on my dress. I would bring it back in for a demonstration, but the store is too far away so if anyone knows how to tie an asian bow, the help would be much appreciated!!

  5. Jill says:

    I have a hakama, keiko gi , karate obi and a kaku obi. How do i put them on in order?? and how to i put the katana so its not Vertical?

  6. Sharon says:

    Is there any specific way to tie the sheath to an obi/belt? Or is it just any old knot?

  7. Zach says:

    The old ancient stuff, like Samurai time period. I have hears a lot of names for the clothing, like kimono and obi, but what did women wear? Like, were they dresses or something? I know, I must sound really ignorant, but really I totally in the dark. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  8. Co0k!3_sage says:

    Would you put it on the same way, with the obi and everything, or is it different? Could you please explain the difference? I’m just very confused right now. Thanks.

  9. Isabel says:

    What is the most traditional knot to use for a bride?

  10. Sophio says:

    I want to cosplay as her from bleach, And I want to be able to learn how to tie her obi the right way.
    See how it is?

  11. Smh says:

    It’s for a convention that I’m going to, someone is making me a Kimono costume, with a 4m long Obi. Question is, how do I tie it? I’ve googled it and I can only find one style of tying…

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