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How Much does the Average Man Weigh

You may have such questions as How Much Does The Average Man Weigh and How Much Should A Man Weigh,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Much Does the World’s Fattest Man Weigh. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Average Weight of a Man,too. Read more as following:

The average weight for men ranges from 145-200 pounds. Ideal weight for each person varies because of their age, race, heredity and body type.

How Much does the Average Man Weigh?

There is no average because a man's weight depends on a number of things including height, age, bone structure and lifestyle. But to give you an example, a healthy man who is 6' 2" would weight about 175 pounds. You can find cool websites like health... More »

How Much Should a Man Weigh?

Weight of a person depends on factors like gender, height etc. To know whether a person is in an ideal shape, a term "body mass index (BMI)" is used. BMI is calculated by the formula: weight in kilograms divided by square of height in meters i.e. wei... More »

How much does the worlds fattest man weigh?

The world's heaviest man is 1225 pounds!... More »

What Is the Average Height for a Man?

Of all human physical traits, none might be more noticed than height. Human height varies throughout a person's lifetime and has increased through mankind's history. The average height of a human male today varies among races and locations.... More »

What is the average weight of a man?

Average weight of a man There is no set answer. Body weight is a misleading measure. Since people have different builds, different people of the same height and sex can have the same percentage of body fat and yet have different body weights. What is... More »

How Much does the Average Car Weigh

The weight of the average car today is around 3,000-5,000 pounds. The bigger the car the more it weighs such as trucks and SUVs which average around 5,000 - 12,000 pounds.... More »


  1. Lou Lou Reply:

    Just curious really, how easy is it for average men and woman to lift or carry a girl who is 5’6 and weighs 126lbs? and whats the easiest way to carry them?

  2. Derek Reply:

    I am 17, 5’7″ and weigh 149lbs.
    I want to know how much weight to lose so a guy could carry me.

  3. Fern Reply:

    Hi, i’m doing a biology project, and i can’t find a stable answer:
    how much to middle age men weigh typically? (40-50)
    also, what would their height be normally?

    thanks lots!

  4. J Y Reply:

    Im quite a big guy and have been trying to find out how much weight is the right amount to lose if your nturally quite big but this heavy? Ive ead 2-3lbs but surely thats based on the average man who is like 5’9 and 160lbs, if im nearly twice as heavy is it safe for me to lose like 4-6lbs a week?

  5. Makayla Reply:

    Generally, how much stronger is an average man compared to an average woman?

  6. Blue Chaos So Nlq Reply:

    I’m not talking about the extremes like really skinny or really big and muscly, just the average man.

  7. Stacy Reply:

    About how many average men weighing about 200 pounds could get drunk over .1% blood alcohol level from one keg if they all handle alcohol normally

  8. Toxic Reply:

    how much is the average man supposed to bench press, and wta about an athlete? i heard it is your weight once. i am 15, 145 pounds and i bench 150 for 8 reps for 3 sets is that good?

  9. Arc Reply:

    I’m looking to go there & maybe find a husband. I weigh 240 & don’t want to crush him.

  10. Howmanymoresaturdaynights1132 Reply:

    I was looking at weight statistic in the United States, the average man weighs 190, the average woman weighs 160. In sports, 190 is about average for a male athlete, but 160 is heavy for a female athlete. The average female bodybuilder and basketball player is 165.

  11. Zalika Reply:

    Hi, I am 6’0 and Weigh 179 pounds, and I can bench press 225.
    I was wondering if that Is good for my age.
    BQ: how much can the average man bench?

  12. Reberocks Reply:

    Hi, I am 6’0 and Weigh 179 pounds, and I can bench press 225.
    I was wondering if that Is good for my age.
    BQ: how much can the average man bench?

  13. Marco Reply:

    i am trying to figure out how much the average man would weigh on saturn. i’ve already found a website that can transform the weight on earth to the weight on saturn. can you help??

  14. Parker Reply:

    i think its rude to ask how much my dad weighs but i want to know bcuz i have heard that you can be 1/5 of a horses weight to ride it my dad is average sized how much does an average adult man weigh??? – also is there such thing as a 2,000 pound RIDING horse?

  15. Hampton Hansen Reply:

    How much do the bones of an average adult woman weigh?
    How much do the bones of an average adult man weigh?

    (It’s 3 bones that are fused together, right?)

  16. Missi Pollender Reply:

    Here in America the average man weighs 194 pounds and the average woman is 165 pounds. We are fat, proud, and happy. Why do Chinese people have their weight in normal proportion to their height? Why is virtually no one fat in China?

  17. Ericca Kirao Reply:

    How much do you think the average man that wears size 38 jeans weigh?

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