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How to Get Ink Out of Blue Jeans

You may have similar questions as Who Sings Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans on and What Is the Process of Making Blue Jeans,or you may also seek several useful information about How To Remove Cartridge Ink From Blue Jeans. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Blue Jeans Invention,too. Read more as following:

One can remove ink from blue jeans if they have not been washed or dried. Spray the stain with hairspray. Rinse the stain in cold water. Repeat the process several times.

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Who Sings Baby Got Her Blue Jeans on?

Conway Twitty was the original singer of "Baby Got Her Blue Jeans On" song. Other artist sang it as well like Mel McDaniel and Sammy Kershaw. For more information, look here: … More »

What is the process for making blue jeans?

Jeans are made out of denim, a rugged cotton twill texture which obtained its name from the French town of Nîmes. Originally, manufacturers would use wool to make the denim cloth, and the original purpose was the make sails for ships. Genovesi sailor… More »

How to remove cartridge ink from blue jeans?

1. Wipe the stain with a moist towelette. If you act quickly, this can remove the ink before it sets in. 2. Soak the blue jeans in whole milk for 30 minutes. Remove jeans from milk. 3. Mix a paste composed of equal parts white vinegar and cornstarch…. More »

What do they call the guy who invented the first blue jeans?

by pooping… More »

How to Get Ink Out of Jeans?

Getting ink out of jeans is relatively simple. All you’ll need is a can of hairspray. Spray the ink stain with hairspray and blot with a white washcloth. Try not to over saturate the area. Repeat as needed until the stain is gone. Wait until the jean… More »

How to Fade Blue Jeans?

New jeans can be made to look like they have been around for a while by washing them in a bleach and water solution. Make sure the water and bleach are mixing really well in the washer before you put the jeans in. If, after one wash they aren’t faded… More »

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  1. Tom Brady says:

    Detail is that i need a trendy colour tops for the ink blue jeans. Please suggest me. I am in confusion. It should not be a regular colour

  2. Kippers says:

    What should I wear with a leather jacket to the interview, shoes/trainers?
    black shirt/ink blue shirt?
    Black jeans/dark denim jeans

    What things should \i say to impress/stand out

    thank you

  3. Angelica Valdez says:

    No,It is not stolen.I found it in a bag of clothes that someone gave me.It’s attached to a pair of blue jeans.How can I remove the tag without setting off the ink?

  4. Faryin says:

    accidentally marked my new light blue jeans with pen ink!
    What can i use to remove it?
    Will it stain?

    P.S: i tried first wet wipes…ddnt work
    then i thought of using ethanol…ddnt work either…

  5. Ginny P says:

    My husband left and ink pen in his jeans pocket and I didn’t know it and it got washed, luckily it only stained the jeans. I have tried the hairspray thing and pouring laundry detergent directly on it and letting it sit for a while and then washing them. Is there anything else I can do?

  6. Rose-marie Albans says:

    I have these blue jean pants of mine and a shirt both of which I like alot. Does anyone know how to take ink and oil stains out???

  7. Westielover199511 says:

    I just washed my blue jeans and i had a blue pen in my pocket. The ink went all through the dryer when i dried them. The inside of the dryer has blue ink all over it and my jeans have spots of blue. How do I remove the ink from both of them?

  8. Mindy Reasor says:

    I found these blue jeans that are way faded and too short for me. I was planning to cut them off at the knee then soak them in bleach. I wanted to dye them a relatively dark purple but, I don’t know what kind of dye I should use. I thought about tie dye ink… what do y’all think?

  9. Geckofrog says:

    A pen broke insede my pocket and now I have a stain of ink in one of my favorite pairs of jeans. What should I do?

  10. Trinity W says:

    They are not white shirts, they are a red one, a tan one, and blue jeans with blue ink on them.
    Any products I can use to remove the ink without damaging the clothing?

  11. Loni says:

    The dye from my blue jeans has transferred to my tan leather truck seat. What is the best way of getting it clean?

  12. Chelsea says:

    I have a red ink stain in my jeans that happened a few weeks ago. Ive just been too busy to deal with it. Ive heard hairpsray will get it out, but it will it work now thats its dried? How do i do it?

  13. Damn says:

    i got this grease lubricant all over my jeans at my job last night, well its not all over just on my back pocket and on the front of my pockets… just want to know if there are any easy ways to get it off.

  14. Aliyu Hayatu says:

    Daughter broke a blue ink pen in her favorite jeans… there something I can do to get it out?

  15. Lucian says:

    I’ve just noticed that my husband’s brand new jeans have left blue dye marks on our cream sofa and beige carpet. Any ideas how I can get rid of this? The carpets are brand new so I am very keen to get them clean again!

  16. Catherine says:

    I want a pair of snug fitting skinny jeans and can’t seem to find any. Even Top Shop only has very dark/black/white/faded styles that are too baggy on me.Cheers

  17. Hemanth says:

    It’s being a stubborn little stain – rather noticable and it won’t come out with normal washing.
    Any tips on how to remove it without killing my jeans?
    Thanks. :)

  18. Will says:

    i was wearing blue denim jeans with my new cream leather bag and some of the dye has rubbed off onto the back of the bag, any ideas on how to remove this?

  19. Gibbon82 says:

    I stupidly did a load of laundry with a blue pen in my jeans and now I have several shirts with blue ink stains and spots, mostly cotton Polos and shirts. Is there any way of getting these out now that they have gone through the dryer?

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