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How to Spot Fake Lacoste

You may have similar questions as How to Identify Fake Lacoste and How To Spot A Fake Lacoste Polo,or you may also seek several useful information about How To Spot A Fake Lacoste Bag. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Fake Lacoste T Shirts,too. Read more as following:

To spot fake Lacoste you will need to know that it is made of 100 percent cotton. The real Lacoste can easily be blown away if placed near a fan.

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How can we identify if a lacoste shirts are 100% authentic or fake?

Here in the philippines, we rather buy an affordable shirts than the expensive one, but there are some shirts that almost near to the perfection that it almost mimic the authentic quality of lacoste., and it would just cost 10$., but still, there are… More »

How to spot a fake lacoste polo?

1. Look at the crocodile symbol. Lacoste’s trademark symbol is its crocodile patch and makes it one of the easiest ways to differentiate between an authentic and fake Lacoste polo. The Lacoste crocodile should display scales, teeth and claws. The cro… More »

How to spot a fake lacoste bag?

1. Become familiar with the typical design of the Lacoste bags. The Lacoste bags are either made of leather, PVC, or cotton canvas. The leather bags have a professional appearance and come in three different color combinations. The colors can either… More »

How to spot fake lacoste sweaters?

1. Check out the alligator. The easiest way to spot a fake Lacoste is through the little alligator. The small guy will always be on the left side of the sweater, about chest level. He will be secured to the sweater neatly, with no loose threads or pu… More »

How to spot a fake lacoste shirt?

Purchasing on online auction sites greatly increases the likelihood of being victimized by a counterfeiter. Izod does not sell direct to independent re-sellers. Any seller claiming that its low prices result from bulk purchasing is to be doubted. Onl… More »

Where are lacoste shirts made?

Lacoste shirts are manufactured in France, Peru, China and Morocco. Unfortunately, counterfeit Lacoste items are sold through various online and in-store retailers. If the tag on a Lacoste shirt claims it is made in Asia, Argentina or India, it is li… More »

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  1. Pirate_gurl727 says:

    I am a male. I like Polo and Lacoste and things like that but I am afraid to buy these two brands on ebay because there are so many fakes. What is a brand that doesnt really get faked too much?

  2. Tnman says:

    My friend told me that If I wear a fake Lacoste shirt when I go to france , I will be arrested, I do not believe it so just wanna ask u guys

  3. Mustafa says:

    Are there any obvious differences?

    This shirt just says Medium on the tag.

    50% Cotton & 50% Polyester. Shoulder to shoulder is 17.5 inches. Pit to pit is 20 inches. The total length is 30 inches.

  4. Manman11 says:

    i bought some lacoste shirts and i wanted to know if there is a way that i can tell if they are real

    10 POINTS!!!!!!

  5. Girldragon says:

    ladies can u tel the difference between real and fake lacoste shirts? not HOW to tell the difference… but if someone was wearing a fake lacoste shirt would u be able to spot it?

  6. Secret Stranger says:

    so far every thing on it looks real but just the price tag sounds fishy…some people say its $78 some say $75 and mine says $72 does that mean its fake or what

  7. Coco says: >> i bought this but i’m no expert on fake lacoste shirts. notice how the seller insists it is real but i am currently not sure whether this is true.

  8. Barca says:

    ps might not sure go to makati
    where i can get Lacoste shirts either fake or real? good price i want to buy 5 or 6. whats the price? and where can i get pearl sea shell necklace that looks expensive but not? can u show sample of the items thanks

  9. Corey says:

    Is anyone an expert on spotting authentic Lacoste clothing from the fakes?

    I really like this cardigan- but I’m not 100% if it’s the real deal or not!

    Thanks in advance for any help!

  10. Owen says:

    is this lacoste real?

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