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What Animal does Cashmere Come from

You may have similar questions as What Animal Does Cashmere Come From and Where Does Cashmere Come From,or you may also seek several useful information about What animal does cashmere wool come from. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Cashmere Goats for Sale,too. Read more as following:

The animal that cashmere comes from is the domestic goat. Cashmere is gathered during the spring season when the goats shed their winter coat.

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What Animal does Cashmere Come from?

Cashmere comes from Mongolian goats. Pure cashmere is expensive and often imitated. It is worth it to be certain you purchase pure cashmere. … More »

Where does cashmere come from?

Special goats called cashmere (or Kashmir) goats. There are quite a few breeds that produce the required downy undercoat. The wild goats from Asia look something like this. There are also tame / farmed goats that look more like regular goats, but h… More »

What animal does cashmere wool come from?

cashmere goats…. More »

How to make cashmere stuffed animals?

1. Draw a stuffed animal pattern freehand or using a template like a cookie cutter. Cut it out carefully to keep it to size. Alternately, you can also find a pattern online, print it out and cut it to shape. 2. Cut the cashmere sweater on either side… More »

What kind of animal does cashmere come from?

Cashmere is the wool or fur of the Kashmir goat. Kashmir goats are primar…… More »

How to make stuffed animals from cashmere sweaters?

1. Choose a stuffed animal pattern. You can use just about any pattern for your cashmere sweater stuffed animals. If you’re a beginning sewer, select more primitive patterns with simple shapes. If you’re more advanced, try a more dimensional pattern,… More »

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  1. Anthony N says:

    I mean what animal does it come from? I know that it comes from PAKISTAN. But that`s it.

    Please provide me with information if you know any.

    Thank you.

  2. Cone says:

    I have been wondering about this lately and i can only come up with silk. So i was wondering if someone can help me find a few more. Thanks so much for your help!!!!

  3. Karen says:

    I realize the affectionate thing is great but man a goat is really a Special animal to me What a profundant pet.

  4. Areli says:

    Whats the difference and which usually cost more?

  5. Dee says:

    when became popoular to eat hamburger in west? what part of the animal and which animals can include?

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    please help…and with as much detain as possible, thank you!

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    you know, like fabric for clothes and stuff.

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  11. Simplicity says:

    in terms of price, warmth, ease of care…,etc.

  12. Pans X says:

    I’m reading about it in my textbook for Biology, but I don’t really understand what the point is?

  13. Fergotnfire says:

    this breed. Let me know some of what your dog does how it acts anything ok? thanks so much.

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