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What does 925 on Jewelry Mean

You may have similar questions as What Does 925 On Jewelry Mean and How To Clean 925 Silver Jewelry,or you may also seek several useful information about What Is 925 On Jewelry. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Italian Jewelry Stamped 925,too. Read more as following:

The stamp 925 on jewelry means that it is more than 92.25% pure silver. It also means there is no nickel in the piece. If you are sensitive to nickel or you are just wanting a good piece of silver jewelry, then look for the 925 stamp.

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What does 925 on Jewelry Mean?

When 925 is stamped on a piece of jewelry it means that it is sterling silver. The number itself is used to identify the mix of silver that makes up sterling silver. This mix is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% various other metals…. More »

How to Clean 925 Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver jewelry can be identified by a "925" marking. This marking refers to the 92.5 percent pure silver composition. Usually the other 7.5 percent is added copper to give strength to the metal. While pure silver is not very reactive and doe… More »

What is 925 on jewelry?

It is hallmarking it means the item is sterling silver!… More »

What does the number 925 on jewelry mean?

Jewelry marked with 925 is made from sterling silver. Pure silver is too malleable by itself and is combined with 7.5 percent copper to strengthen it. The 925 tells you that your jewelry is 92.5 percent pure silver. Source: Blue Nile: Sterling Silver… More »

How old is 925 jewelry?

925 Years old… More »

What is 925 on jewelry mean?

It means that the item is sterling silver . 925 refers to the purity of the silver. That it is 92.5% pure silver, the rest is hardening metal added as silver is very soft in pure form… More »

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  1. Destiny Kruse says:

    Im aware that 925 means it’s sterling silver but what does BE mean? how can I tell it’s value? It’s a diamond band and my aunt that gave it to me made it seem like it’s very valuable, how can I tell if the diamonds are real if there’s no CZ mark on the inner band?

  2. O Till We Overdose ..`, says:

    when i go to the jewelry shop, i don’t konw how to identy silver jewerly and platinum.

  3. Alison says:

    My boyfriend bought me a ring from a pawn shop and I wanted to know if it was silver or not. The only thing engraved on the inside is 925. What does this mean, if anything?

  4. Brandon Rodriguez says:

    I have an old looking silver pendant with a skull or demon face on it. I know 925 is sterling silver, but I can’t track down where this came from

  5. Bibeth says:

    I know what they mean when marked on items individually, but what does it mean when both hallmarks are present on a single piece of antique jewelry.

  6. Brat100 says:

    what does oz mean? every time i look at a silver chain in a catalog its says 1oz or 2oz and so on.which is the best one to get? i know its something to do with measuring silver but i don’t fully understand it.please help me out!

  7. Chauncy says:

    I got a necklace in Mexico and I was wondering if it was silver. The chain it came with had the .925 on it so I know it is silver. But the chair has the stamp MEX on it. Is this silver?

  8. Ramesh Sharma says:

    I was wondering jewllery that is made in the US with cubic zirconia stones is the jewellery stamped cz. I have been told by someone selling in America that this is the case

  9. Beardedbaby1377 says:

    Hi, I’m thinking about selling some of my jewelry and was wondering what a 323 means. It’s stamped within one of my rings?

  10. Hassan says:

    It’s a heart shaped necklace and its pretty but she doesn’t want it because it reminds her of him. Does 925 RL THAI mean anything on jewelry ? Thanks for the help :)

  11. Liveitup says:

    I have a beautifula cat charm and it is marked as 925. What does it mean?

  12. Kitten says:

    My mom gave me these rings. And im in need of money i wanted to know the numbers 925 mean anything?

  13. Gueroz28 says:

    Important uses, interesting facts, common compounds, etc. I already know it’s commonly used in jewelry, so please don’t tell me that.

  14. Sofia Delgado says:

    My grandmother recently died and left me with all her jewelry. I was trying to figure out what is real and what isn’t. I came across a a silver looking ring with a mark that is a arrow going through the letter U followed by an underlined 9. What does this mean?

  15. Muhammad Hamza Sani says:

    Which stores sell them

    And i mean the real Chanel, not knockoffs!

  16. Liltenor says:

    I thought it was only cheap jewelry with copper in it that did that.
    it has the number 925 on it, and it came from a silver shop, so it’s real silver.

  17. Bonez1026 says:

    thank you

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