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When to Wear Linen Pants

You may have similar questions as What To Wear With Linen Pants and When Is It Ok To Wear Linen,or you may also seek several useful information about How To Care For Linen Pants. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Linen Pants Etiquette,too. Read more as following:

Most people wear linen pants in the summer. The fabric is cool, so you won't feel overheated if you wear them when it is hot. You can wear them in other seasons as well, if it is not cold.

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What to Wear With Linen Pants

Linen pants can be part of a crisp, casual summer look or a more formal but comfortable business look. The look changes according to the details of the pant. A trouser-cut linen pant will have a more formal silhouette with a tucked-in blouse. A draws… More »

When is It Ok to Wear Linen?

Linen is most appropriate for warm weather. You want to be sure you don’t mind wrinkles when you wear it, as it wrinkles easily. Don’t use it for traveling, as is needs ironing…. More »

How to care for linen pants?

1. Always follow the cleaning instructions on the label. 2. Decide if you want to hand wash the pants or use your washing machine on the delicate cycle if they don’t need to be dry cleaned. 3. Remember when it doubt, it’s best to err on the side of c… More »

How to dye your linen pants?

1. Wet the pants thoroughly in cool, clean water. 2. Remove the pants from the water and set them aside. 3. Fill the bathtub or plastic container with enough hot water to cover the pants completely. 4. Put on the plastic gloves. 5. Add one tablespoon… More »

How to wear a linen shirt?

1. Select a style that is fits away from the body. Linen fabric has no stretching abilities, therefore it is best to pick a style that doesn’t hug the skin. While it doesn’t have to be an a-line shirt, it should allow the wearer to move and contort w… More »

How to wear a linen suit?

1. Choose a linen suit in a light or dark color to wear to a special event or a night out on the town. Linen tends to wrinkle easily, but a slightly wrinkled linen suit is acceptable in a casual-dress situation. 2. Choose a T-shirt in a coordinating… More »

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  1. Linda says:

    For a guy what kind of shoes do you wear with linen pants. I’m talking about the more baggy casual type as opposed to slacks with cuffs or soemthing like that. What type of shoes?

  2. Hayley Brooke says:

    my skntone is light brown. I tired skintone but d seam is still showing even if it is hot pants style. whenever some girls wear white linen pants, tried my best to check it… dont see any underpants seam lines.. so shy to ask what are they wearing.

  3. Keairra says:

    I was wearing linen pants, tripped, and made a tiny circular hole two inches in diameter under the knee. Any way of salvaging this?

  4. Horses=mylife says:

    Ok I wanna wear a cropped denim jacket, yellow linen pants, and a striped yellow and blue tanktop. Does it sound liek something that is meant for a beach….? I just tend to feel they are….


  5. Kelsi says:

    I’m a male and this is my first pair of white linen pants. They are a bit see through, so I plan to wear white underwear as well. Can a brown belt be worn or should the belt be white as well?

  6. Shantae334 says:

    I’m getting married this summer on the beaches of Bermuda. We are wearing White Linen pants and I was told we should wear “flesh” or “nude”colored underwear as white will show through. Please help we leave in a couple weeks!

  7. Kristin says:

    Hi, I’m going on a cruise and want to bring a pair of cute wide-leg white and/or beige linen pants from Victoria’s Secret. I need two outfits to go with the white linen pants. Any suggestions for tops and accessories? Thanks!

  8. Chase says:

    I recently purchased a pair of beige linen pants, and I also have a nice brown belt and brown pair of shoes. However, I have no idea what colour shirt I should wear with them. I have a nice brown cotton shirt, but I think that might over do it. Can you guys help?

  9. Dog Lover says:

    I just bought the new white linen pants from Armani’s Spring 2008 collection. I have no idea what color shoes to wear with them. Please help!

  10. Vvm says:

    I am going to Sandals in Jamaica, and need some advice on what to wear in the evening. I like the look of a loose fitting linen pant that could be considered appropriate for evening wear, but don’t know where to buy them. Any advice and help is appreciated.

  11. Fgdfg says:

    Are there any trick that I am missing? I have a pair that I would really love to wear tomorrow for college orientation, but I’m worried about the whole spot thing.

  12. Keaton Brock says:

    This is for my internship assesment.
    Also is it OK for wearing linen pants for this assesment?

    thanks in advance

  13. Janette says:

    I need a different look this winter. In the summer there’s a choice of skirts, linen pants, combats, shorts, denim skirt, etc but when it’s cold all I can wear is leggings or jeans. Is there anything different? Like any kind of stylish trousers? Any ideas?

  14. Justin Hutchinson says:

    What to wear at a daytime Disney movie premier?
    I am walking the slow lane of the red carpet to do media interviews in support of the movie…the dress code is business casual. I was thinking I could get away with linen pants and nice scarf but is that too casual?

  15. Laura says:

    I’m a guy and just recently purhcased a pair of ralph lauren purple label white linen dress pants, however i didnt think about what i would wear under it because its see through.

  16. Abinaya says:

    They are kind of hipsters with a drawstring waist and the only cap I have to wear with them is a military style and colour cap for my sisters beach wedding. What colour and style top or accessories do you recommend?

  17. Boxinii says:

    thanks a lot

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