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Where can I Buy Leather Pants

You may have similar questions as How To Make Leather Pants and How To Care For Leather Pants,or you may also seek several useful information about How To Dye Leather Pants. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Buy Leather Material,too. Read more as following:

You can buy leather pants at a Harley Davidson store. You can also purchase them online at Sierra Trading Post, Bluefly, Zappos, or Piperlime.

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How to make leather pants?

1. Cut the pattern out of the pattern paper. To maximize pattern use, trace pattern onto newsprint and cut out pattern. Save the original pattern as a template. 2. Lay leather out with the right side up. Examine leather for blemishes or color variati… More »

How to care for leather pants?

1. Protect your leather pants before the first wearing by spraying a light layer of leather protector over the entire exterior of the garment. Let the pants dry and apply another light layer of protector. Dry again before wearing. This product will h… More »

How to dye leather pants?

1. Brush the pants with a soft-bristle brush to remove surface dirt. Spread newspapers in a well-ventilated area and lay the pants flat on them. 2. Apply leather soap to a soft cloth. Smooth the soap onto the front of the pants in circular motions to… More »

How to strip leather pants?

1. Remove the external stitching with a seam ripper. Tug and stretch each seam to pull the leather away from the thread, giving you room to insert the pointed tip of the seam ripper and cut the stitch against the bladed crook of the metal. Start at a… More »

How to shrink leather pants?

1. Soak the leather pants in hot water until completely wet. Then, allow to air dry. The water will shrink the leather pants temporarily. Wearing them a few times will stretch them out again, but you can always wet them and do this process all over a… More »

How to stretch leather pants?

1. Set your shower’s water temperature to warm (not hot). Put on your pants and hop into the shower. Let your pants get thoroughly wet. 2. Get out of the shower. Keep your wet leather pants on as you go about your day at home. Wear your leather pants… More »

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  1. Lulu says:

    I want to buy leather pants like the ones Megan Fox wears in Transformers 2. I like the way they’re tight, so they don’t look dorky. Does anyone have any ideas where I can buy real leather pants?

  2. Amy says:

    I saw the movie “the runaways”, and i would like to buy leather skinny pants like Joan Jett. Does somebody know if there are pants like that in a normal , not too expensive shop?

  3. Aline says:

    I recently lost a LOT of weight, and I kind of wanted to buy leather pants to go out with my friends in, but I’ve been told by my boyfriend that they are terrible and no one wears them anymore and people would look at me funny. Thoughts anyone?

  4. Snottyrotty says:

    I just bought leather pants and leggings… and I love them! I’m just wondering what kind of tops and shoes can I wear with that, and in which occasion? I mean if it’s for a party in the evening for example… what kind of shoes can I take?

  5. Sugun says:

    I have just bought a new motorbike and I want to get Leather Pants. Where can I buy some in the Limerick Area?

  6. Tonnar says:

    I bought these cute leather pants but they don’t stretch and I find that most pants are hard for someone of my curves to fit into.

  7. Megz says:

    I live near Newcastle in NSW and I want to buy a pair of leather pants Im finding hard to find some.

  8. L I G H T S says:

    I’d like to buy fake leather pants for no more than $50 but I don’t know any stores that sell them. I’d prefer stores over online but I’ll buy them online if I have to.

  9. Justin Mendoza says:

    I want to buy a pair of real nice leather pants. I tried looking for some that I would like and so far no luck. Would anyone know any good particular websites I can look that have nice leather pants for men?

  10. Zoe James says:

    I want to buy a pair of black leather pants in an attempt to become the new, “Lizard King”. It’s time for a new, “God of Rock”. Want to be my groupie?

  11. Karz91 says:

    I recently bought a few pairs of leather pants for going out and they’re perfect, but i want to start wearing them in the day but not sure how to dress them down? Can anyone suggest anything?

  12. Boom! says:

    I bought fake leather pants from a vintage shop, I love them and they fit so nicely however little black flakes are coming off of them and end up all over my hands and everything I touch. Is there anything I can do to treat the material so that these little black flakes don’t end up everywhere?

  13. Arely Diaz says:

    Its a relatively newer commercial, the dumb one where the minority buys leather pants, and other different minority comes out and sh|ts on them… Than the real hot lady appears. Anything?

  14. Tegtmeier55 says:

    Besides ebay and other auctijning sites, where can I buy a nice pair of fitted leather pants?

  15. Meels says:

    I want to buy leather pants but not spend a fortune. I wear a size 16.. I don’t know where to get them.

  16. S Barmen says:

    I know it sounds weird, but I really want to buy some black leather pants but they need to be quite noisy when I move, its for a jokey sort of fancy dress party. Any ideas?

  17. Aditiya says:

    To be more specific, NOT leather pants like bikers wear and NOT skinny leather pants. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated.

  18. Yeisen says:

    My band is having our first gig, and I’ve been DYING!! for some leather pants, but I have no idea where to buy them. Anyone have a good place online or shopping anything?? thnxsz!! really appreciate it [;

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