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How Long can Stitches Stay in

You may have such questions as Can I Take a Shower with Stitches and How Long Do Stitches Stay In,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Stay Stitch In Sewing. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to How Long Do Stitches Stay in after Surgery,too. Read more as following:

The length of time stitches can stay depends on the severity of the incision. Minor stitches can only stay up to 7 days while some takes about 2 weeks.

Can i take a shower with stitches?

Usually doctors tell you to wait a week before exposing the stiched area to water. You've passed that point, so you should be okay. If you still have any uncertainty, cover it with a large waterproof bandaide, or call your doctor's office and ask the... More »

How Long do Stitches Stay in?

Stitches should stay in for about 3 to 5 days. This will ensure that the wound stays closed and can heal properly. A doctor can determine if they need to stay in longer. ... More »

How to stay stitch in sewing?

1. Cut out your pattern as normal, following the instructions for the layout of the pattern pieces on the fabric. Mark up the pattern for any sewing instructions, such as positioning of darts. 2. Stay stitch each piece of fabric individually. Stitch... More »

How long do sutures stay in?

Sutures may or may not be necessary for your pet's procedure. Procedures involving sutures usually require sutures to be removed in 10-12 days from the time of the procedure.... More »

In sewing, what is stay-stitch?

Stay stitching is stitching done just inside the seam line especially on a curve or bias, before making up the garment, to help prevent stretching, or pulling out of shape. Used for example on necklines.... More »


  1. Just_me14 Reply:

    Approximately how long does a girl stay in the hospital after being raped? It’s for my short story.

  2. Crayola Reply:

    my dog had an operation on her back leg today, and im just wondering how long until her stiches need to come out. is it ok if she licks it?

  3. Larissa Reply:

    what happens if pieces of my stitches just stay in? it’s a minor cut by the way
    they are not dissolvable. wont the scar be worse though?

  4. Sloan Reply:

    My puppys ear crop looks infected. Has bleeding and pus and it was cropped last Sunday. How long do the stitches stay in and how long does it take to heal? How should I treat the infection? ( taking her to the vet but just wanted some knowledge beforehand.

  5. Kaylyn Reply:

    My dog had his fur removed and sewed back in January. They have not been taken out yet cause we have not been to the vet yet but he’s perfectly fine and he has blue stitches still n his neck. Should i remove them myself or take him to the vet?

  6. Kristi N Reply:

    I got a pilonidal cyst cut out last Wednesday it was fairly small and not infected if just brought me pain when i would sit so i got rid of it early so I didnt face future complications. the area got sown up with 5 stitches, how long do these type of stitches usually have to stay in?

  7. Addey Reply:

    He partially severed thumb, sewed back on, has 5 stitches. When should they come out?

  8. Anthony Gray Reply:

    I just had 17 extractions 2 days ago, yes 17 and i have stitches all over my mouth my question is how long will the stitches stay in my mouth(they said the stitches fall off themselfs) and why is it i get swelling during the day but when i wake up in the AM my mouth is ok??

  9. Hey Jude Reply:

    How long will the stitches stay in for before they dissolve? I guess I am afraid that they will come out before they are suppose to.

  10. Nathan M Reply:

    Till how long the stitches should stay.

  11. Mr.teamonmyback Reply:

    And how long do the stitches stay in? Thank you!
    She isnt scheduled to have it done for a few more weeks, so i just want to know what to expect.

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