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What can You Feed Goldfish

You may have similar questions as Can You Feed Goldfish Bread and What Can You Feed Goldfish Besides Fish Food,or you may also seek several useful information about What To Feed Goldfish. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Feeding Goldfish for Beginners,too. Read more as following:

Gold fish eat special types of food that can be purchased from a pet store. They cannot eat anything but gold fish food which is really small particles of food that you sprinkle in the tank.

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Can you feed goldfish bread?

It is better to avoid bread or crackers as these will swell up in the fishes stomachs and…… More »

What can you feed a goldfish besides fish food?

they eat cut up green peas and shrimp but you have to chop it up into tiny peices they also eatcooked rice chopped thought its all got to be smaller than thier mouths . Source(s): i have 2 goldfish myself :) More »

What to feed goldfish?

Video Transcript. We are going to be speaking about how to buy healthy fish. With the goldfish, they need more vegetation in their diet so wheat germ oil fish food would be better for them. Also you could feed them Spareline. That gives them a lot of… More »

How to feed goldfish?

1. Purchase the right kind of food for your fish. Goldfish need protein and a wide range of vitamins and carbohydrates, so choose a nutrient-rich food specifically for goldfish. Use either flake-form or floating pellets. Ask at the aquarium store for… More »

How to feed oranges to goldfish?

1. Wash your hands before touching the orange to be sure you don’t transfer any illness or oil onto the fruit. Wash the orange off thoroughly before peeling. Although your oranges skin isn’t as permeable as other fruits or vegetables, there is still… More »

How to feed lionhead goldfish?

1. Ask the fish specialist at your pet store which variety of food they recommend for your lionhead goldfish. Be sure to ask how often your fish needs to be fed; once daily is the typical schedule. You may have to try several different feeding method… More »

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  1. Idkaboutpiggies says:

    I have 2 feeding goldfish from petsmart and decided to keep them. My friend wants to give me another bigger feeding goldfish.

  2. Careforadiamond says:

    I’ve read where you can feed goldfish, orange fruit. What is the best way to do this? How do you feed it to them?

  3. Rebecca says:

    I have goldfish in a 70 gallon tank I heard you can feed goldfish veggies to also keep them healthy can somebody tell me what kind of veggies i need to feed them and how should they be frozen should they be warmed up or what and how much should i give them

  4. Jake says:

    What fruits and vegetables are good to feed comet goldfish? We have a tank with a lot of goldfish.

  5. Nymeria88 says:

    I usually feed my goldfish twice a day, but someone told me that they would be bloated if I did that. Any suggestions?

  6. I Want To Be Forever Young says:

    Since you’re not supposed to feed goldfish when the water temperature is below 4 degrees C then if they are in a pond,and there is a prolonged cold spell during the winter,how long can they go without feeding before they die or it badly affects their health?

  7. Midnight says:

    I heard you can feed your goldfish oranges.

    Do you cut them up in small pieces or do you throw a big bit in and let them nibble away?

  8. Fabian says:

    Today I won a goldfish at a carnival. I already have a beta fish at home. Can I feed the goldfish the same food as the beta fish?
    I feed my beta fishhikari beta bio-gold food

  9. Tomato says:

    Is there a recipe on how to make goldfish food without gelatin. Would it also be possible to feed goldfish bananas and oranges?

  10. Marcelo says:

    Is it a good idea to feed goldfish to my pacu ?

  11. Loni says:

    What is the best fish food I can feed my goldfish right now I am feeeding them tropical flakes but I want the best food for them to live a long time.

  12. Jonthan-_- says:

    I feed my goldfish with small amounts twice a day… But some people say that goldfish should only be fed once a day… so which is better? twice a day or once a day?

  13. El says:

    Everyone mentions flakes when feeding goldfish. But no one says how big that flake is. Please describe the size of goldfish flakes for me. Then I will be able to feed my fish better.

  14. Liv says:

    is it true you can feed goldfish cucumber and other foods can you give me some foods to feed them and not to feed my goldfish?? eg- salad & stuff like that?


  15. Aniket Mankar says:

    I tend to feed mine every other day right now. I know overfeeding can be a problem. How often should you feed your goldfish?

  16. Fish Stix Suck says:

    What is the best fish food I can feed my goldfish right now I am feeeding them tropical flakes but I want the best food for them to live a long time.

  17. Tasha says:

    I feed him goldfish flakes. Plus I’m thinking about adding some tiny greens to help with his pooping, because i read that? And he’s sort of large and always appears hungry…

  18. Happystorm says:

    How often should i feed my goldfish? The food container said 2-3 times a day but my cousin, my dad and friend said im over feeding them.

  19. Turtle says:

    Hi just want to know how much i should feed my goldfish. There are five of them. Four of them are 5 inches and the other is 7 inches. And i also have a bettta how much do i feed that one?

  20. Robert Gifford says:


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