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Do you gain weight from water retention after working out?

Most of the people who are intense exercisers do agree that you retain water after intense workouts! Also people who are just starting a workout regime tend to "gain" a few pounds that appears to be water weight! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Lovella Reply:

    rather a little soft. This problem can be due to water retention that occurs after exercising. Do You Gain Weight When You First Start Working Out? Like most Detail:

  2. Eliza Reply:

    Jun 14, 2011 causes of sudden weight gain, when there are no changes in diet or exercise. But what if you’re doing everything the same as you always do and your weight Fluid retention and increased appetite are the main reasons.

  3. Genna Reply:

    Water contains no calories (pure water) so if you only drink water the only weight you gain will be temporary (the water resting in your body until evacuation), and no fat will build do to zero calorie intake. the way to not gain weight aft… More:

  4. Yessenia Reply:

    You work out to improve your health, but when step on the scale, your weight has increased. That could be frustrating, but understanding the short-term and long-term reasons for exercise-related weight gain will put those numbers into persp… More:

  5. Dagny Reply:

    Most people work out to either build muscle, lose fat, or both. Therefore, the most frustrating result after a workout is to step on the scale and see that your weight has gone up. It seems impossible, yet thousands of people have the same … More:

  6. Vanita Reply:

    Have i gained weight or is it water retention? how much weight can you Pms? I “used” to weigh 137 at 5 gain with water retention and’4 and recently, for about a week now maybe

  7. Rheba Reply:

    ehh not sure never tried it i know it says can be used as a laxative !!if you decide to measure it precicly do not do more or drink more than it says!!!i have the same problem occasionally!!!went to gnc the dude sold me this stuff actually he gave it to me!!its called SLIM TO NONE!!!OMG took two before bedtime and i hadnt been able to go for a few days which was killing me!!!!the next mornning holy it was like a beast came out!!!!lol i was so relieved and felt so much better! it is a colon cleaning product and the best one ive had in a long time that doesnt take weeks!!!working in twelve hours stuff is awesome!if you buy it make sure your near a bathroom ten to 12 hours later !!!emptied out like no tomorrow!!!!!funny to talk about it!! oh and you wont get bad pains from it either

  8. Steven Reply:

    Cut out even diet soda, they can cause water retention. When you have lost enough weight to exercise comfortably, then add exercise to your program.

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