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How do i get a kink out of my neck?

The best thing that you can do is stretching exercises for your neck!You could have someone massage it or see a doctor!! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Bettyann Reply:

    A muscle might knot up spontaneously while you sleep or appear suddenly when you reach for something on a high shelf at the grocery store. You might simply be showering and turn your neck suddenly to rinse your This will help keep the muscles surrounding the knotted muscle from dang my girl gots a gang of knots . Detail:

  2. Delois Reply:

    put a hot compress on it and take some ibuprofen

  3. Audie Reply:

    Neck kinks can be so painful that they make you want to vomit. Sometimes neck kinks occur because of injuries, but other times they’re the result of our lifestyle. More:

  4. Irish Reply:

    Having a kink in your neck can be annoying at times. Take a hot shower, if that doesn’t help try using a heating pad. Exercising it or having a massage can loosen it up, too. More:

  5. Chanda Reply:

    Try some heat from a warm bath or shower to loosen your muscles when you have a kink in your neck. When loose, then do some gentle, slow stretches to ease out the kink. More:

  6. Janine Reply:

    Can getting a cold make your neck ache – kind of feels like when I’m getting a cold but my you get a ‘kink’ in your neck, or slept wrong I know neck is killing me now, like I

  7. Estela Reply:

    OK, more than likely this is due to a misalignment in the joints in your neck! I would recommend that you see a chiropractor! They specialize in this! They will realing your neck! This will allow the muscles to relax and the pain to subside! Keep in mind, after the adjustment, it can take up to a day for the muscles to relax!I really wish you the best!

  8. Larita Reply:

    How do you get a kink out of your neck? roll your neck a couple of times.when you hear/feel it crack. . Why is my horses rug slipping when it didn't use to?

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