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How do you get rid of crotch rot?

Crotch rot treatment: Wear loose-fitting clothing made of cotton – cotton does not produce as much heat and friction as!!! Any Suggestions here?


  1. daisho Reply:

    though a long personal battle with the stuff(and various other fungi like athletes foot and toenails) ill tell you right now, ignore the creams and such. the only solutions are either a pill you can get from the doc(antifungal, and not cheap) or bleach.

    yes bleach.

    apply in the shower, let sit for about 30 seconds then rinse.
    yes it will burn if the fungus is progressive, but if you catch it early enough it will not burn.

    now go and enjoy the rest of your life crotch-rot free(and fungus free in general)

  2. Tambra Reply:

    Also called varnish fungus rot, the fungus Ganoderma lucidum attacks trees by disrupting vascular tissues fruiting bodies, or conk, of the fungus appear on the trunk bark or from cracks in the branch crotches. . How to Get Rid of Rain Rot Detail:

  3. Ronda Reply:

    [Archive] what do you do for crotch rot? I used a couple different creams the doctor prescribed for a while but still couldn’t fully get rid of it.

  4. Hsiu Reply:

    Itching, chafing, or burning , circular, re rash with elevated edges Redness or Flaking, peeling, or cracking skin More:'crotch-rot

  5. Mandi Reply:

    Pour all liquids into a glass or glass dish. There will not be any visible reaction but be aware there may be a smell. Ventillated areas are suggested for this operation. Put rings directly into the liquid. The optional jewelry brush may be… More:

  6. Tanesha Reply:

    Tinea cruris is a puritic superficial fungal infection of the droin and adjacent skin. Tinea Cruris is a common and important clinical problem that may be a diagnostic and theraputic challenge. More:

  7. Hettie Reply:

    How do i get rid of scarring from crotch rot? Such as OTC remedies..

  8. Lauryn Reply:

    Jock itch and athletes foot are the same fungus! I beat them in the JUNGLE (Belize) by listening to advice given me from a medic!Simply realize that fungus cannot live if it is kept moist by oil, any skin lotion or sunscreen will stop it dead in its tracks! Plants, including fungus, cannot get air through oil and suffocate!Give this thought, powders dry out the skin, which in turn cracks because of the dryness, which in turn provides the fungus a place to grow within the crack that the powders and moisture (from sweat) causes!!!This turns into a cycle that powders and sprays rely on for your money!So, get some hand lotion or sunscreen, and youll be able to beat this handily!Good luck and keep your money!

  9. Vivian Reply: > Wiki Answers > Categories > Health > Raw skin between the crotch and leg? Answer: Improve. Hi. This could be thrush or a sweat rash.

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