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How do you make braces at home?

To make fake braces you can use a large paper clip to use as the wire and bend it into a U shape! This will act as the wire that traditionally fits around you teeth! You can then use attached color beads to the wire to work as the bracket! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Cyndi Reply:

    Learn different methods for straightening teeth without braces in this free oral How to Get Rid of Canker Sores How to Prepare to Whiten Teeth at Home Detail:

  2. Austin Reply:

    Jan 26, 2012 How to Make Fake Braces or a Fake Retainer. Stars and one of them was featured: How to Use Citrus Fruit Peels in the Home and Garden.

  3. Jada Reply:

    Find a pillow. An old thin pillow that you might be considering throwing away is the perfect one. You will also need at least one large rubberband of some kind, perhaps a headband that would be for hair. When you are ready for bedtime, lay … More:

  4. Kelli Reply:

    Braces give people with less than perfect tooth alignment straighter and more eye-pleasing teeth. Braces work by slowly moving the teeth into the correct position, which can take years to accomplish. After your orthodontist removes the brac… More:

  5. Maryanna Reply:

    Taking your braces off of your teeth at home is a big no no! That can not only mess up your teeth, it can chip them, which leads to even bigger dental problems. Always leave that stuff up to your dentist. More:

  6. Jordan Reply:

    Is there a device similar to orthodontic braces one can make by tightening ? I used to wear braces at home to straighten teeth, but accidentally threw out the retainers soon a

  7. Conception Reply:

    There is no sucvh thing as homemade braces, even if it does push your teeth back it will pull them out or damage them causing more problems, if you live in the UK braces are free go to the nhs, also tooth picks and hot glue wont do anything to your teeth, and if it does push them back or into a straight line, once you take them off your teeth will move back to the original position, dont make homemade braces, go and see a dentist, plus that glue will probably poisson you, Im not trying to be a kill joy but wherever you got toothpicks from I dont know, braces work by gently tightening brackets with bands that pull thhe teeth back, there is nothing to push the toothpicks backs, hot glue will just rot your teeth and make them fall out, any other qustions on braces email me at g!w!gwestgooglemail!com

  8. Kum Reply:

    Home of Wiki & Reference Answers, the world's leading Q&A site Wiki Answers. English▼ How do you make your teeth white while you have braces on.

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