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How do you over come it?

Best treatment for midlife crisis involves some mental exercise and mental adjustments, and perhaps some, small lifestyle changes! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Curtis Reply:

    How to Overcome a Fear of Flying. Studies have found that millions of people have a fear of flying, despite the enormous odds against a mishap. There are Detail:

  2. Casey Reply:

    well at least ur getting stuff which u can use lol like cool mobile phones for me it seems everytime i step out of my house whatever i see i deem it "cute" and i just gotta have itbut then after i buy i leave it sitting in my h

  3. Delphia Reply:

    Fake it, until you make it. If you are shy, then try to act more confident. You want to make people believe your more confident. If you keep acting more confident, then you will become more confident. Talk to that girl you see at the bus st… More:

  4. Amina Reply:

    Think about your phobia or fear. If just thinking about it is to overwhelming, try again later. Now, if able, pay attention to how it makes you feel. Does your breathing become labored? Does your heart race? Complete an assessment of your r… More:

  5. Yvette Reply:

    1 Ask for help! One of the MUST HAVES you need to overcome this is a good support system. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family help you get through this. 2 Make changes in your life style. Change your diet to more nutritional meal… More:

  6. Carletta Reply:

    Stage fright never seems to go away for me! Ive been performing on stage for 8 years and still get extremely scared before a performance! I believe that stage fright never really goes away! There are things that help calm you down though! Before you go on stage take deep breaths! This helps lower your heart rate and gives lots of oxygen to your brain so you can think better!Drink lots of water! Dont know why, but this always helps me! If I dont drink a lot of water before I go out on stage I get really sweaty and hot and nauseous! Just make sure you get to use the bathroom before you go out on stage! =]Also, practice, practice, practice! Practice in front of friends, family, the mirror! Anything to help you prepare yourself and make sure you know your lines and also get tips from family and friends on different things!Hmm!!I cant think of any other ideas but I hope these help! Good luck!

  7. Melani Reply:

    overcome ( ) v. , -came ( ), -come , -coming , -comes . To defeat (another) in competition or conflict; conquer.

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