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How many calories are females supposed to have in one day?

It depends on age, height, weight, & fitness level! A good number is 2000- 2200 per day for women and 2200 – 2400 for men! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Maribel Reply:

    Online calculators can help you get a basic idea of how many calories you burn per day. For a more How Many Calories Should Women Have Each Day? A Detail:

  2. Yon Reply:

    How many calories are you supposed to have per day? Im a woman and im 5’3 and i need to have about 1400 claories at the minimum.

  3. Yetta Reply:

    If your activity level is light, you’ll need at least 2,170 calories to maintain your current weight and activity level. If you have a moderate activity level, you will need 2,310 calories to maintain your weight. More:'9-%22and-133

  4. Malisa Reply:

    The calories you should have in a day are called maintenance calories because your body needs them to maintain a relatively constant body weight. Most people’s weight fluctuates on a daily basis because of elimination factors, salt and wate… More:

  5. Jeniffer Reply:

    The number of calories in a person’s diet is based on age, height, and weight. Text back with that information and I can help you. More:

  6. Izetta Reply:

    If you consume 1200 calories per consumption to 1200 per day day, how many calories are you weight? I want to lose weight supposed to burn to lose and I lowered my calorie, I

  7. Elena Reply:

    ** This should even it out! Eat six mini meals a day! Exercise and before every meal, drink two tall glasses of water, (about 16 oz!) this will fill you up and you will automatically eat less! This really works, so be patient! Good Luck to you

  8. Jenni Reply:

    You get the same sound when putting your fingers in your ears. but I can do it without doing so. How many calories is needed per day by a female adult?

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