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How many calories can you burn on Just Dance 2?

Just Dance 2 is a workout in disguise, keeping you energized and motivated as you dance the calories away!You can also keep an eye on your fitness with the Just Dance Sweat Meter and a calorie burn counter! The calories you burn will vary according to your age and intensity level! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Cyrstal Reply:

    Over the past decade, Zumba, a dance-based fitness routine, has been gaining popularity in homes and gyms around the world for Reply · Like · February 2 at 9:07am Check out how many calories you can burn in just one class of Zumba! Detail:

  2. Peggy Reply:

    How many calories can you burn playing Just Dance 2? To find out how many calories the Wii game Just Dance burns, I wore a mechanism called the Body

  3. Tiesha Reply:

    depends how long you play every half hour is about 36 calories More:

  4. Miranda Reply:

    6 calories a minute 96 calories in 15 minutes 190 calories in 30 minutes 380 calories in 1 hour 570 calories in 1½ hours 760 calories in 2 hours More:

  5. Larae Reply:

    Dancing burns more calories than most other aerobic exercise, but it differs from person to person depending on their weight. In most cases, you can expect to burn between 3-5 calories a minute! More:

  6. Svetlana Reply:

    of i play DDR (dance dance revolution) for an hour everyday how much calories would i burn for the ps2 and i? i have dance dance revolution was wondering if i played it for an

  7. Aleta Reply:

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  8. Gaynelle Reply:

    760 calories in 2 hours How many calories do you burn playing Nintendo Wii just dance? In "Just How many calories does 10 just dance wii games burn?

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