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Is Gatorade bad for you?

Gatorade is good for getting you re-hydrated & energized if you’re doing intense exercise – especially if in a hot environment! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Maryln Reply:

    What Happens if You Don't Drink Enough Water? The body Signs & Symptoms of Bad Well Water. Well water can Why Does Gatorade Relieve Headaches? Detail:

  2. Hildegarde Reply:

    Gatorade is a beverage that works to replensish the combination of water, carbohydrates, and electrolytes that are lost as we sweat. So Gatorade is not bad for you, but do pay attention to the amount of calories and sugars in each bottle.

  3. Zofia Reply:

    A large portion of the calories in Gatorade comes from sugar, but it is very low in fat and cholesterol. It’s fine in moderation. More:

  4. Argentina Reply:

    All it states about Gatorade is that it contains alot of sugar. More:

  5. Mickie Reply:

    When you freeze gatorade all the electrolyes go to the top. As you drink all the electrolyes at the top, it is too much for your body to handle. There is only one case I know of where a man died from it, but he had a heart condition on top … More:

  6. Lindsay Reply:

    is Gatorade bad for you? I heard that it was bad for your liver and your health. is that true?

  7. Hortencia Reply:

    Youll have better results if you stick with Water, or low sugar Vitamin Water! Not all Gatorade has the same amount of sugar in it, so make sure you check before buying other kinds! 7g of sugar isnt too bad, but you actually dont need Gatorade unless you are doing a marathon or something, for normal work-outs its not necessary! But if you really like it, that one seems ok to have sometimes, just try not to have it everyday!

  8. Eden Reply:

    Does Gatorade go bad? Unopened no, but if you open one and leave it outside the refrigerator to long it will get moldy. That happened to my cousin once.

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