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Is it normal to feel your tampon when you sit down?

There are a few reasons you may feel your tampon, but I would guess that it has to do with the angle the tampon was inserted! Just like we all are built differently on the outside, we’re all different on the inside and a tampon may "fit" you a little differently! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Ida Reply:

    A cotton string is attached to one end so you can pull the tampon out after use. However, if the Pull your underwear and pants down and sit on the toilet. Use a Detail:

  2. Mao Reply:

    There are a few reasons you may feel your tampon when you sit down, but I would Normally you shouldn’t feel your tampon no matter what position you’re in.

  3. Providencia Reply:

    there can be many reasons why you feel dizzy while sitting down. there could be a problem with your blood pressure, you may have an ear infection, or you could be 19 weeks pregnant. More:

  4. Evelyne Reply:

    No, you should not feel it at all I suspect you did not insert it correctly, it takes a bit of practice, read the directions carefully, also there are several types on the market, so you could experiment with different brands to see which o… More:

  5. Tajuana Reply:

    If it causes pain, the tampon was inserted incorrectly. You should remove it and try again with a new one. More:'t-feel-right-when-i-sit-down%3F-jazzypants%3B

  6. Shanna Reply:

    17 weeks prego when i sit i feel so much pressure like have an anvil on my crazy,is this normal?

  7. Willia Reply:

    No, youre not supposed to be able to feel it! You may want to try using a different brand and making sure it is fully inserted! The whole point of a tampon is to feel more comfortable during your period! When I use Tampax I always feel it so I switched to Playtex!!!MUCH better!!all bodies are shaped diffrent just find the right one for you!

  8. Mindi Reply:

    This may freak you out but just to let you know the tampon has to go into your vagina You will feel the direction you need to be pushing, as you will feel discomfort quite far, too low and it will cause a lot of discomfort, especially sitting down.

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