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What are the best workouts for your biceps?

1 Adjust the weight level on the machine! Start light and work up to heavier lifting as you gauge your fitness level! To more?? Any Suggestions here?


  1. Almeta Reply:

    Moreover, exercises that build peak or height into the longer bicep head also develop the lower area of your biceps. The best exercises for extending the longer Detail:

  2. Keshia Reply:

    One of the most effective bicep moves is the bicep curl. With your arms straight & shoulder-width apart, grip a weight bar underhanded. Curl the bar towards your chest in an arc without swinging your body, squeeze at the top & slowly lower

  3. Twyla Reply:

    Typically referred to as "guns," your bicep muscles signal strength when toned. Getting your biceps in gun-worthy shape isn’t difficult. With commitment and these steps, you can have them loaded in no time. More:

  4. Deeann Reply:

    Using the bicep machine can target and isolate bicep muscles during your workouts and can help you to maintain proper form and alignment. Follow these steps to do a bicep machine workout. More:

  5. Cinda Reply:

    This bicep workout is called "21". The reason it is called "21" is because of the sets that you are going to do. It is broken down into 3 sets of 7 which in total will be twenty one reps. Grab a straight from a bench press bench. If you can… More:

  6. Mabel Reply:

    What are the best workouts to train biceps? (Min. Workouts)? I really wanna train up all have really big ones my biceps cause my friends. But i dun really wanna workout too mu

  7. Odell Reply:

    chin ups! palms in and close together!

  8. Betty Reply:

    Front squats are a variation of back squat in that the barbell is resting in front of your neck on your shoulders What are the best bicep exercises for kids?

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