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What do lungs look like?

The lungs looks like a pair of oblong pieces located at the chest, the left is a bit smaller than the lung on the right because it has to make room for your heart to fit in your chest! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Josie Reply:

    What Do the Lungs of a Smoker Look Like?. There is nothing positive or beneficial about smoking cigarettes. Smoking can cause lung cancer and Detail:

  2. Celena Reply:

    The lungs are two large sponge-like organs that occupy a large amount of space in the chest cavity. They play a major role in the air circulation system. The left lung is slightly smaller.

  3. Louetta Reply:

    A healthy lung is pink and spongy. It has no dark spots and has maximum elasticity. It has two lobes that are also spongy and pink looking. More:

  4. Teena Reply:

    A smokers lung is black versus a healthy lung being pink. The smoke attracts cells in your lung that causes them to swell. This causes a substance called proteases to be released. More:

  5. Whitley Reply:

    Lungs are oblong in shape and are located behind the rib cage of the body. They are also felt like a sponge when they are touched. They are about 2 inches in height. More:

  6. Amee Reply:

    If someone runs 20 miles a how long will the lungs non smokers lungs? If a normal active ex week as an ex somker return to be like a smoker can expect there lungs to return to

  7. Ashli Reply:

    Its a big myth that smokers lungs are black! Diseased or cancerous lungs are black! Healthy smokers lungs are usually indistinguishable from a non-smokers! Just ask any surgeon who has performed a lung transplant! Healthy lungs clean themselves, so unless you smoke more than 40 cigarettes a day, there should be little permanent tar build-up in them! You havent smoked for very long and you dont smoke very much! You have to smoke much more for much longer to cause serious damage! You have healthy lungs! Dont worry!

  8. Sandie Reply:

    lungs look like spongy lobes. They have this qualiity for easy gas transfusions and buoyancy. Your lungs are mostly made up of tiny air sacs called alveoli.

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