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What foods can you eat to get weed out of your system?

The best way to bet weed out of your system is to drink lots of water and exercise! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Julietta Reply:

    Flushing drugs out of the system or detoxifying the body is beneficial to the entire. The body gets the nutrients it needs to carry out its various functions. A nutritionist is helpful in choosing the foods that are best for you and your detoxification. The foods we consume and the elements that we are exposed to can result in Detail:

  2. Miyoko Reply:

    how do you get thc out of your system . Drink lots of water (about a gallon a day) , eat foods that your body can process easily, and don’t take

  3. Rosy Reply:

    Breaks it down int your stomach More:

  4. Gala Reply:

    Think of an appropriate reward for your child if they eat a healthy food. For smaller children, you might want to have smaller, more frequent rewards. Some ideas are trips to the movies, points toward video or TV time, the purchase of a new… More:

  5. Natacha Reply:

    Oranges are one of the first foods that help to build the immune system for sure. They have a lot of vitamin C at 69 milligrams per orange, and also vitamin A at 268.55 milligrams each. Both of these vitamins are immune system builders. Swe… More:

  6. Lindsay Reply:

    what foods shouldn’t an african grey parrot eat a snack) i am courious about the that we eat “everyday” (foods that you eat daily or foods i should give my bird is there a

  7. Sandy Reply:

    THC stays in your body for up to 90 days! For the first 30 days it will be in concentrations high enough to justify prosecution or a positive dope test!So!!! in order to pass a dope test you have to get rid of every fat cell in your body within 30 days! Good luck with that!!! hope you dont die trying

  8. Denae Reply:

    #6: vinigar, if u cant frink it straight then eat it in foods. I eat vingar with my subs from subway #7: pickle What can you do to get marijuana out of my system?

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