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What is a good yoga routine?

A set of yoga exercises to do to stay flexible and fit include Utthita Trikonasana, Padahastasana, Janushirsasana, and Upavishtakonasana! again for more information on each pose if you aren’t fluent in "yoga" lingo! ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Lakendra Reply:

    The Best Yoga Routine for Weight Loss. As of the last couple of decades, yoga has become one of the most popular ways to get in shape. Not only is yoga Detail:

  2. Juliette Reply:

    There are quit a few choices for styles of contemporary Hatha yoga. What is ‘best’ is usually a matter of what ever you find is most effective for you. There are quite a few good quality, free, instructional videos available at http://www.y

  3. Danna Reply:

    Breathing in all poses should be an inhale through the nose and a slow exhale out the mouth. To create energy for your workout you can practice Breath of Fire which will give you energy. This is a series of quick inhales and exhales using o… More:

  4. Tonita Reply:

    Sit down and analyze your schedule. When would be the best time to fit in yoga practice? It could be after work, first thing in the morning, during your lunch break, or after class. Then write it in your schedule. Decide how you will direct… More:

  5. Jonna Reply:

    Many people avoid yoga because they think they’ll have to stand on their heads during the first class. The great thing about yoga is that you can tailor the workout to your body type and experience. Yes, some people eventually end up standi… More:

  6. Lavern Reply:

    Can a vigorous yoga routine such as, power or vinyasa yoga, take the place of a strength training routine?

  7. Jacque Reply:

    Start with Sun Salutation A (in Sanskrit, Surya Namaskar A)!Variation B adds a couple extra poses!There are many web pages describing Sun Salutation variations and techniques, plus many video examples on youtube!com and other video sites!Just search by either Sun Salutation or Surya NamaskarHeres a good video example for a beginner student: http://www!youtube!com/watch??v=9P5PSqmnu88feature=related As far as how long, it will depend on your present condition!I would recommend doing no more than five complete repititions/sets, once a day, for first four days! If you cant do that many sets, work up to it gradually over a week or two! Eventually, work up to at least ten sets! Heres a video example of what it looks like when done by an accomplished practioner!Notice how his feet lift off of, and land softly back on, the floor! This is achieved by eventually learning/mastering Moola (or Mula) Bandha (but thats a whole topic by itself)!http://www!youtube!com/watch??v=U2AC5aZanlU Namaste,dwb

  8. Shelia Reply:

    What would be a good yoga routine for soccer players? Improve. In: Football – Soccer, Fitness, Meditation and Yoga categories]

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