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What is causes sharp pains and numbness in the heel of the foot?

Some possible causes for the symptoms you present are stress fracture and poorly fitting shoes! Several other problems could exist caused by preexisting conditions, and a doctor should be consulted! Many stress fractures come from sports injuries! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Idell Reply:

    If you suffer from pain in the side of the foot, everyday activities can become aching or sharp pain that radiates from the heel along the side of the foot. on the affected nerve, symptoms may include pain and numbness in the extremities. Detail:

  2. Usha Reply:

    Read about causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of foot pain. When should I seek medical treatment for foot pain? overloading, bruising, or a cut ( such as by stepping on a sharp object). Disorders of the nerves to the feet may cause numbness and burning sensation in the feet known as peripheral neuropathy.

  3. Royce Reply:

    Your heel can become bruised due to an injury or from overuse, which can result in plantar fasciitis. A bruised heel is often the outcome of a sudden impact, such as landing heavily on a hard surface, or from repetitive pounding. More:

  4. Rene Reply:

    Your foot (or feet) hurt. Your leg is numb. It’s annoying and it’s inconvenient and, above all else, it hurts and it scares you because you don’t know what is causing it. Injuries to the back, certain diseases and age can all contribute to … More:

  5. Bettina Reply:

    There are many things that can cause heel pain from heel dpur syndrome to achillies tendonitis etc. More:

  6. Colby Reply:

    Sharp pains in heel of foot. It usually happens randomly while.? My Dad gets deep sharp his foot that advance to pains in the heel of the back of the knee he’s walking. Any he

  7. Kit Reply:

    HelloI also have a large lump on the back of my right heel which is painful! Ive had it a couple years and thought at first it was swelling and would go away! I did not have the injury you had described! In my case, I went to a specialist who dealt with the foot and ankle! After xrays and such, he said that it was scar tissue build up from my injury, from the inflammation that was initially there! He told me it could only be removed surgically, that my achilles tendon would have to be taken apart and the scar tissue removed with a 6 month recovery! Needless to say, I have opted for a lifetime of pain (among other things) I truly hope this is not the case for you!

  8. Priscila Reply:

    The main cause of numbness is the lack of circulation of blood. Some people have a What causes a sharp pain on the heel of your foot? There are many

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