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What is the best diet to lose the most weight the fastest?

The top diets are Jenny Craig, Medifast, South Beach, The Sonoma Diet and Jillian Michaels! Find the one that fits your lifestyle! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Demetria Reply:

    Celery, lettuce, spinach and broccoli are your best bets. Whatever you do, stay Most Legitimate Diet Plan to Lose Weight Extremely Fast. Weight loss is difficult Detail:

  2. Mildred Reply:

    You can drop 20 pounds in a week with an ambitious eating and exercise plan, doing seven hours per week of rigorous exercise.

  3. Caren Reply:

    The best diet for losing weight is one that consists of all fruits and veggies. Make the shift gradually to this diet as the high fiber could mess up your stomach if you’re not used to it. More:

  4. Yvette Reply:

    The fastest way to lose weight is with the Atkins diet. Eat only meat, cheese, and eggs. You can have a green salad or green beans each day if you limit your carb intake to no more than 10 grams per day. More:

  5. Christia Reply:

    The fastest way to lose weight and remain healthy is to eat mostly fruit and veggies. You also need a little bit of protein each day to keep up your energy level. More:

  6. Allison Reply:

    The 2468 diet is where you, 400 the next, 600 the next, and 800 the next. Then repeat. Since you alter the amount eat 200 calories one day of calories you eat each day it pre

  7. Tangela Reply:


  8. Linh Reply:

    That diet (I made 5 so far over the last 18 years, lost and gained 30-40 lbs each There is no way to lose weight fast. . Most people don't get enough anyway.

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