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What is the best fat burning exercise?

Adding interval training to your cardiovascular workout will boost your fitness level and help you lose weight! Drive up the etc Any Suggestions here?


  1. Genny Reply:

    Top Fat Burning Exercises Elliptical Machines. An elliptical machine can be the most effective fat-burning tool at the gym or in home if you know how to use it Detail:

  2. Alena Reply:

    Running is the best aerobic exercise our there. We tend to burn 100 calories per 12 mintues from just jogging. The faster the pace, and the more energy our bodies use, the more calories we burn.

  3. Gaylene Reply:

    Anytime you are moving, you are burning some fat. The best rule of thumb to burn the most fat, is to take in less calories that you are burning up. More:

  4. Yong Reply:

    Any kind of cardio is best to burn fat. Many people have been successful with the Hip Hop Abs series since it is fun, fast paced dances and routines. You will lose weight and have fun at the same time. More:

  5. Carita Reply:

    If you want to burn fat, then you need to focus on aerobic exercises 4 to 5 times a week for 1 to 2 hours as a minimum. But also alternate 3 times a week strength training, since muscle will help you with speeding up your metabolism and bur… More:

  6. Ha Reply:

    Is using an indoor exercise bike? Is it as effective as other fat burning exercises and going for a jog? Would I need to do an effective fat burning exercise not just use thi

  7. Lien Reply:

    How about swimming – its a very gentle excercise – so might not harm your knee??

  8. Fredda Reply:

    Any cardio exercise is the best fat burning exercise. Cardio exercise can be brisk walking, mini-trampolining, running, jogging, fast rowing, cross-country skiing,

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