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What is the best way for a girl to work out?

If you feel uncomfortable going to a gym, a 10-minute walk, twice weekly, is a first step toward fitness! If you can afford it, get a regular massage as well! Consider buying a beginner’s exercise tape, too! Another great activity is gardening! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Nikia Reply:

    Since most teens are short on cash, it's important that you know the best and Following a strict work out routine can help you achieve the belly of your dreams. The only way to lose that flab is to get cardio exercise through exercises like Detail:

  2. May Reply:

    Dec 10, 2008 (For more great ways to work your abs, pick up a copy of The Men’s The upshot is that if you want better results from your core workout, . Sex tips and dating advice from Naomi Piercey, the sexy Men’s Health Girl Next Door

  3. Kamilah Reply:

    Remember the key to approaching a girl is "Confidence". Even if you don’t have confidence try and exude it. Girls are attracted almost instantly to guys with a confident demeanor. The second key factor that you need to remember is eye conta… More:

  4. Rosena Reply:

    I would recommend the direct approach. Face to face or over the phone only. Do not ask a girl out by posting to her MySpace page or sending a text. She has probably been wanting you to ask her out so get going! More:

  5. Rosalba Reply:

    If you see a girl that you are interested in the best thing to do is best yourself. You must have confidence in yourself and you must express yourself to her in a respectful manner. More:

  6. Kanesha Reply:

    If a big breasted girl work at hooters where does a girl work at with one leg?

  7. Fred Reply:

    any time is ideal to work out provided u r not full on ur tummy!!!its mostly preffered in the mornins or evenings when u stomach is almost empty!!!!!!u can start of with cardio(run on treadmills)!!!!!walk for a while and then slowly start to run!!!!do it ofr half an hour(depends on ur capacity)!!!!!!its better u sweat!!!after that do some cycling for 5-10 kms(say 6 miles)if u hav a rowing stuff!!!get on that too!!!!!once done with all this!!!u can do some stretches and do some light work outs for ur arms/shoulders and chest!!!!!!with dumbells or weights or machines!!!its better to ask for a good routine!!!!!drink a lot of water!!!!!!dont dehydrate!!

  8. Mikki Reply:

    I hang out with and talk with a lot of girls and I've noticed some of their flirts: 1. . I' m a 15 year old girl and I find the best way to show a boy you like them is to be

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