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What workouts can you do to build the pecks?

Pushups are the #1 best exercise you can do for chest and they are easy to do at home for beginners and advanced bodybuilders alike! Also try inclined, declined, and straight bench press, dumbell press, and chest fly’s! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Lisandra Reply:

    There are several different exercises you can do that don't require any weights. By combining these exercises, you will burn fat and build up your chest muscles, Detail:

  2. Leticia Reply:

    Chest Exercises. Building massive pecs is often the first goal of bodybuilders. What do you need to buy? Although you can make great progress in strength and

  3. Lavonne Reply:

    To build peck or pectoral muscles, regular weight lifting combined with eating a healthy mix of carbohydrates and protein is required. When you lift weights, small tears occur in the muscle tissues. Protein goes to work repairing these torn… More:

  4. Tonie Reply:

    Start with unilateral pressing movements. Work on adding 1 rep per set each workout.The greatest amount of mass will be… MORE? More:

  5. Latashia Reply:

    Building the pectoral muscles is a favorite among body builders. It should be noted that a well balanced body needs training of all major muscle groups. Some popular pectoral exercises include the chest press, chest flies, and push ups. For… More:

  6. Hildred Reply:

    What are some good workouts to build my Triceps Biceps and that can be done to Pecks.? What are some popular workouts achieve larger triceps biceps and pecks. 10 easy points

  7. Karmen Reply:

    Pushups are not going to build your pecs up, lifting will! Bench press is best, make sure that you are eating plenty of protein (about 1gram for every pound of your weight), make sure your giving your body plenty of rest between lifting sessions!

  8. Janis Reply:

    To make your butt bigger you should do leg presses, lunges, and single leg too heavy of a weight could give you a manly looking chest (speaking in shape).

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