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Which is the best aerobic exercise?

Jogging, swimming and cycling are all good aerobic exercises! You can vary the intensity to match your fitness level! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Geraldine Reply:

    The Best Exercise Machine for Aerobic Exercise. Part of the series: Workout Routines. There are many different exercise machines for aerobic exercise, and they Detail:

  2. Logan Reply:

    There is no one best exercise for everyone. The benefits to your heart are similar as long as the type of exercise satisfies some basic requirements and you

  3. Christena Reply:

    Physical exercise is defined as aerobic when your workout causes your heart rate to approach at least 60 percent of its maximum capability. The intensity of aerobic activity can range from moderate to brisk. If you are just beginning an aer… More:

  4. Elvia Reply:

    Some aerobic exercises include walking, jogging, stair-climbing. These exercises combined with healthy eating will help you burn more calories efficiently. More:

  5. Margherita Reply:

    Aerobic exercise is long in duration but low in intensity. It is performed for 20 minutes or longer, while maintaining 60 – 80% of your maximum heart rate. Aerobic exercise can include walking, swimming, jogging and even biking. More:

  6. Salina Reply:

    During exercise, what would indicate a switch from aerobic to a combination of aerobic & anaerobic respiration?

  7. Shara Reply:

    try combination of variuos xcercise lk i do3 times staireclimbin til 3rd floor or u can say 50X3 stairsimmmedietly after stairs do pushup 5X3thn jog for 3 minsquats 20X3abs crunch till painit ll work

  8. Danette Reply:

    Contrary to popular belief, doing ab exercises does not target the fat around your mid-section. For best results, you must do aerobic cardio activity and make the

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