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Why did my toenail turn black?

Black toenails can be the result of tight fitting shoes, so even if you don’t run you can get them! The good news is that after a few months, they will grow out and be fine! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Dedra Reply:

    A fungal infection is at the root of toenails turning yellow. This infection is Why Does Nail Polish Yellow My Nails? A black toenail is unsightly and painful. Detail:

  2. Kandis Reply:

    My hubby has thick thick did i mention thick toe nails, its fungas i think anyways now the big toe nail is turning black underneth, what can cause that and is there

  3. Amal Reply:

    Black toenails can be caused by a variety of things, the most common of which is black nail polish. If this isn’t the case, then the most likely culprit is trauma to the toe which has caused bleeding under the nail bed. More:

  4. Roselle Reply:

    Toenails usually turn black because of some trauma. If you smash your toe or drop something on your toe, especially close to the nail bed it will turn your toenail black and the nail could fall off. More:

  5. Ying Reply:

    Toenails will appear black when there is blood collected under the nail. This is usually caused by an injury to the toe or the toenail area. More:

  6. Debra Reply:

    Big toe nail has a black and it dont hurt or spot in the middle of it dead and dieing there the nail does this mean or what does this mean anything?

  7. Shanti Reply:

    CausesA pooling of blood under the toenail, caused by the toe rubbing or hitting the top of your shoe! Often the toe will throb with the pressure of the blood!Remedies:To relieve the pressure, you need to make a hole in the nail and drain the blood! Either heat the tip of a small, straightened paper clip and use it to burn through the nail until a drop of blood comes out, or sterilize the tip of an X-Acto knife or 1/16-inch drill bit with heat or alcohol, and drill a hole in the nail by spinning the instrument between your finger and thumb! Stick your foot in a pan of water until all the blood comes out! (If youre squeamish about doing this, ask a friend to help, or see a sports-oriented physician!) Apply an antibacterial cream! Relieve inflammation with ice and anti-inflammatories!If your black toenail isnt painful, you dont have to drain the blood! Lubricate with antifungal cream and cover it with a bandage! But monitor the nail, as it will probably loosen and fall off over the next few months! When it gets loose, pull it off and continue to apply the antifungal cream! Finally, buy a pair of running shoes with more room in the toe box!

  8. Christinia Reply:

    Another condition that affects toenails is "fungus" but that usually turns your I had a black area in my toenail that I ignored. . What does tree mean in slang?

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