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Why do I get so many toe cramps?

Ill fitting shoes and high heels can cause toe cramps! It also could be caused by a calcium deficiency! and have a good day Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Danille Reply:

    I got toe cramps so often that I became used to the pain Increasing your calcium and potassium intake will greatly reduce the chance of getting cramps. . Many pregnant women wake up to painful leg cramps in the middle of the night. Detail:

  2. Darcie Reply:

    Why do I get these horrible cramps in my feet. The… They go through my foot and they are so bad that I cant seperate my toes and and I cant straighten my foot . HELP! I dont think Foot cramps have many causes. Some of

  3. Julian Reply:

    The biggest causes of toe cramps are shoes that are ill-fitted and are too tight at the toes. High heels are a big causes, and so is calcium deficiency. That’s pretty interesting. Try and wear shoes that fit, not shoes that quit. More:

  4. Kaylene Reply:

    To stop a toe cramp you will want to push on your toes in the opposite direction of the cramp. Do not massage, this will just hurt the cramping muscle more as well as make the pain last past the duration of the cramp. You can also prevent c… More:

  5. Ardath Reply:

    Just massage the area that is cramping up and try to relax. You also need to be eating more potassium. Try bananas or a potassium supplement. More:

  6. Colene Reply:

    Toe cramps!!!?? I have “hammer toes” meaning my second toe is a little longer then that them and it hurts soooo first toe. & i always get cramps in bad. I was wondering if any

  7. Leandra Reply:

    does it feel like a muscle pain?? because if it does maybe it is that you strained a muscle ok for your calf ice it with an ice cup for 20 minutes and stop when the twenty minutes is up if you feel any tickling like in your toes stop icing because then you are hitting a nerve and i dont think you want to have surgery to get it fixed and its expensive too! do this for like 4 times a day and dont ice till 40 minutes has gone by! and for your toes just put them in ice and water for also 20 minutes and 40 off but before you do that try like curling your toes down and basically you know how you make a fist with your hand well think of the same movements with with your toes instead and if none of that works ice in some water with ice in it again still 20 in and 40 off still four times a day but if that doesnt work see a doctor and p!s! its going to be very very cold if you do all of that but dont let that get you afraid to ice though email me if you have any other questions at donaldwhthdyahoo!com

  8. Zula Reply:

    Anything with potassium wors, too.onve you get them, massage it helps Okay, many you may think that you would need to pull you toe or massage it. By doing so, you include all of your history (contributions, messages, profile) from your

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