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Why does fat peoples butt crack show?

Sometimes when people are overweight, they wear clothes that are a bit small, and sometimes their pants don’t fit right, so their butt crack might show a bit! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Jon Reply:

    Butt sagging is a common problem associated with low-rise pants when you are wearing a This isn't a problem with higher rise jeans, which generally can't fall down because People don't need to be fat to have a muffin top, they just need to wear a pair of low-rise Plumber's crack is a problem unique to low rise pants. Detail:

  2. Kyla Reply:

    So, not only do I enjoy showing off my belly, but I also like to show off my bellybutton and butt-crack. I’m just a big fat lazy slob who loves being fat. I’m also bald.

  3. Matthew Reply:

    Because those aren’t dimples in that butt, those are craters. If you don’t get it, ask your mom. More:'s_butts_so_big

  4. Carolyne Reply:

    Because their pants are to big or want to show their butt crack. I saw a women’s butt crack at IHOP and it was sexy. And at my grand parent’s nuseing home, every nurses butt crack shows! More:'_butt_cracks_always_show

  5. Tien Reply:

    My dad is a plumber and he said its because when he gets hot or warm he can I have a draft so idk if this. Is right but that’s what he said so ya More:

  6. Verona Reply:

    I want to show more butt crack? Hi all, I’m Nahla, 35 years old, happily married to a very wonderful man, we love each other, and we’ve got 2 children: 1- Son named Ahmed (13

  7. Miranda Reply:

    It does soind funny, but, I have to amit!!!!!it hashappeneded to ppl! Its just that u stare at something which is difeerent! Just tell ur self, thats not pleasant, look away should workHope that helped:)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  8. Margurite Reply:

    1.1 Profile; 1.2 Romance; 1.3 The Android's Dungeon Book Guy's chair collapses, and he sarcastically says "Ooh, a fat man falls. He later dates Edna Krabappel and is shown with the Superman logo tattooed on his upper right buttock. I can't tell you how many times people have come up to me and said, 'I know who

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