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Are light headed, nausea, and chest pain flu symptoms?

Light headedness, nausea and chest pain can be symptoms of heart problems! If these symptoms persist, please see your doctor! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Kara Reply:

    Symptoms of Lotrel overdose include dizziness, feeling lightheaded or fainting. or lightheaded, flulike symptoms such as fever and chills, nausea/vomiting or skin rash or if you are feeling tired or having uneven heartbeat or chest pain. Source:

  2. Mathilda Reply:

    Light headedness, nausea and chest pain can be symptoms of heart problems. If these symptoms persist, please see your doctor.

  3. Donnetta Reply:

    I’m sorry is there can you give me more specific symptoms. Right now it could be anything from the Flu to Lyme’s disease. Source:,-black-out,-nausea,-stomach-pain,-runny-nose,-coughing-and-migraines

  4. Makeda Reply:

    If you have serious pain in the side of your lower abdomen and nausea, you could have appendicitis. You should see a doctor immediately. Source:

  5. Trudie Reply:

    Pneumonia has all of those symptoms including cough with blood or phlegm, fever, headache, shortness of breath and chest pain. Source:

  6. Quiana Reply:

    has anyone experienced light headed while symptoms? I had the flu (still have the flue a bit having flu or flu like I think) was feeling better a day ago , but have bronchitis

  7. Deidre Reply:

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  8. Shantae Reply:

    Light-headedness is a common and often unpleasant sensation of dizziness the individual will usually have additional symptoms such as chest pain, Light- headedness often accompanies the flu, hypoglycaemia, common cold, or allergies. If a sufferer is unable to keep fluids down from nausea or vomiting, they may

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