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Can a cold settle in your neck?

Sometimes the cold virus can settle in your neck or back! It hurts very badly, kind of like flu aches! This can also be an indicator of getting the flu! Thanks! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Delana Reply:

    Having a bad cough and cold can really put a damper on your week. healing enzymes found in the ginger help stop a cough and settle your stomach. You can apply the vapor rub directly to your chest and neck so that the vapor travels Source:

  2. Martine Reply:

    Sometimes the cold virus can settle in your neck or back. It hurts very badly, kind of like flu aches. It is either that, or maybe you are just starting

  3. Lani Reply:

    the answer is hot because it sooths the pain Source:

  4. Ardis Reply:

    Neck injuries can be very painful. A cold pack can help alleviate the pain. This is because the cold reduces inflammation and numbs the injury. Regular cold packs must be held in place on the back of the neck. A better solution is to use a … Source:

  5. Isabella Reply:

    Drink tea and honey. Eat chicken noodle soup. Use vicks vapor rub. Source:

  6. Hermina Reply:

    Can getting a cold make your neck ache – kind of feels like when I’m getting a cold but my you get a ‘kink’ in your neck, or slept wrong I know neck is killing me now, like I

  7. Roberta Reply:

    I just got the same thing, I went to the doctor and he told me its probably a sinus infection! He gave me amoxicillin! Yes nasal drip can drip to our lungs, I wondered the same thing! If you cant go to the doctor, you could look around for a cheap urgentcare office! They will prescribe you an antibiotic! Otherwise, tylenol severe cold helps for me! Or try theraflu, the kind that you mix water with and drink it! It works wonders! The warmth will sooth your throat! It will relax you! I took it when I got swine flu and it made a huge difference! I suggest the apple cinniman flavor, its not all that bad tasting! Which is key because drinking a whole 8 oz of some nasty stuff is not easy! I almost gaurentee that it will make you feel much better! Also drink lots of water, take some vitamin c pills or drink some orange juice!

  8. Mozelle Reply:

    Can a cold virus settle in a shoulder joint? This is hidden because a virus like this can hide in your body until whenever you start to become sick with this.

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