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Can being sick lighten your period?

Some explanations for a light period can include stress, depression, a cold or flu, or other illness, and of course pregnancy! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Ester Reply:

    If hirsutism is causing unwanted hair growth, your doctor can perform tests to determine the household ingredients or you can purchase a kit designed to lighten the unwanted hair. Sick to death of the mustache shadow under your ladylike nose? The only way to remove hair for long periods of time, semi- permanently, Source:

  2. Shiloh Reply:

    It will be your period — the first of many you will have in the course of your life. Having your period is then gets redder. It lightens to a rust color again until it stops. . Menstruation doesn’t mean being "sick" or "unclean." Women can enjoy

  3. Jenette Reply:

    It is pretty common to miss your period if you are sick, stressed, or have changed your diet recently. Source:

  4. Salome Reply:

    If you have not missed a period it is unlikely you are pregnant. Source:

  5. Karrie Reply:

    Answer High, the best way to know is to take a pregnancy test. Answer Sounds like the symptoms I had. Other symptoms to look out for are darkened nipples, peeing a LOT, a general crampy feeling like your period could be coming, and of cours… Source:

  6. Earlie Reply:

    I took my bc on weeks ( I take yaz). On day 3 of week 4 I was to start 1 & 2 perfect but on week of 7 tablets & on week 4 I missed 3 I missed 4 out 2 out of 2 tabs my period b

  7. Jade Reply:

    Well first off, you might want to have your Mom take you to a doctor! Because if youre changing your pad that often, then its something serious! (Even when I had my miscarriage I didnt change my pad that much =[! So that should be your first step!Next thing you may want to do, is talk to your doctor about getting on some sort of birth control! A lot of birth control pills can help make your period lighter and will help subside some of those awful cramps!! As for getting rid of your cramps, you can try magenisum pills, Midol, drinking milk, walking when your cramps are at their least painful and taking baths, warm baths! You can even try putting a heating pad on your stomach when youre cramping up!Well first off, to sit and wait to change your pads is not a good idea! You could end up getting TSS (toxic shock syndrome) and your father needs to understand that you are a young woman and that youre going to have to change your pads every now and then! Your best bet would be to, take them and wrap them up in some toilet paper and make it look like youve been blowing your nose a lot! I know that seems lame, but its better than getting TSS! And then have your Mom talk to him (if youre not comfortable telling him about this) and just let him deal with it! He cant stop you from having your period!I am also going to give you a website to look at that has some great tips for subsiding your cramps!!

  8. Margret Reply:

    Having your period is the first sign that you are not pregnant! Yes.if you have really sever morning don't have any solid food or liquids in your . Yes, being tired is one of the early signs of pregnancy, but it does lighten up a bit.

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