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Can you get yourself sick right after being sick?

If you catch a cold or flu virus, you cannot catch the same one again (your body has built up immunity)! However, if you are exposed to another virus, it is possible! Symptoms of the flu usually develop suddenly, about three days after being exposed to the virus! They include fever, chills, cough, sore throat, runny nose, and soreness and aching in the back, arms and legs Any Suggestions here?


  1. Queenie Reply:

    Though there isn't yet a cure, there are things you can do to just feel better, and lessen the length and severity. Here's what I do to help myself It just helps you sleep better, which is a good thing when you are sick. 2. Just Feel I also have noticed that soon after a hot bath, my fever breaks and I start getting well. Again Source:

  2. Agueda Reply:

    Jan 28, 2012 Moreover, if you call early, you will have a rather rough voice after waking up. Just say that you are not coming in as you are calling in sick that day. "I’m not feeling too well, I think I might have a stomach flu" No one After a few minutes, this position makes you sound very stuffy and just not yourself.

  3. Leonie Reply:

    Like humans, cats get sick too. Unfortunately, unlike humans, cats can’t vocalize what ails them. Sadly, a cat can be sick one day and pass away the next. This happens for any number of reasons. That’s why it is important to get a cat to a … Source:

  4. Sharla Reply:

    Sick cats can have a hard time using the litter box again after a long illness. They may have become accustomed to using the area around their safe nest. Because cats are creatures of habit, it is important to get them back to using the lit… Source:

  5. Tomika Reply:

    1. Drink lots of water: Start drinking lots of water. Nothing makes you feel better faster than being hydrated. I have been drinking 64oz of water a day for the past day or two and my energy level has gone up. This alone will get you starte… Source:

  6. Kirstie Reply:

    Which is worse taking a sick to work sick to save few people can have a sick days? Sadly in our economy very child to daycare or going parent stay home. Also with single pare

  7. Ta Reply:

    I am a successful professional woman and I reside in Canada! Regarding your assertions above, where is your social conscience?? I have no problem being highly taxed (and in Canada we are highly taxed–more so than what you have quoted you are) in order that the wealth is distributed in a more equal manner!With that said, in Canada we have a much better social safety net than the states does! Everyone enjoys the same level of health care as every other Canadian regardless of income, and we have employment insurance where most people qualify should they lose their job ( I know the states has unemployment insurance but many people are not eligible–unlike here!) For these reasons, I do not mind paying taxes in order that I can continue to reside in a more equitable society–as unequal as it still is!!!!!Demonizing the successful?? No, I do not feel demonized in the least! I am happy that I live in a country that is able to provide for its less fortunate citizens in times of need! Putting the poor on a pedestal???? Are you kidding me?? Have you ever been poor???? Probably not–This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! Being poor is HARD–I know–I come from a poor background! I hope you never have to face the hardships of poverty–but perhaps if you did, you would not hold the facist beliefs you do! Quit your job and join the ranks of the impoverished and see how you feel then–then again, you obviously have the tools you need to climb out if you had to–something that the poor dont have! You know, not all poor people are ripping off the system–yes, some do–but these pale in comparison to the white collar criminals who in fact are collecting corporate welfare–more of your hard earned tax monies goes to these derelicts than the impoverish–give your head a big shake!!

  8. Chia Reply:

    If you are wanting to make yourself sick due to feeling ill, like after a night out the calories you just consumed and your body is still ridding itself of food and will

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