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Do you eat nutmeg or smoke it to get high?

You eat it to get high! Some users compare the nutmeg "high" to a hellish case of the flu! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Aleshia Reply:

    The positive effects that herbs and spices can have on your health has been recorded for years. against infection and as an antibiotic to reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure. Nutmeg is used to stimulate the cardiovascular system and relieve joint Do not use if pregnant. How Does Smoking Affect Your Body? Source:

  2. Hang Reply:

    It’s been proven that it COULD get you somewhat high, not recommended as consuming too much CAN kill you. Either go cold turkey, smoke spice from your local smoke shop, or buy the real deal. Source(s): Countless hours of Googling ways to ge

  3. Pamela Reply:

    Don’t smoke it. Eat it. And about a gram for every 10lbs of body weight. Be ready for a rough ride. Go buy some pot instead. Source:

  4. Alma Reply:

    You eat a whole jar. You can get it at the grocery store for a relativly cheap price. Nutmeg is very hallucenagenic. You will trip balls. Source:

  5. Renna Reply:

    Hello, I am an herbalist and have studied and worked with herbs most of my life. Not only do I know what herbs make you high but, I also know that you shouldn’t abuse them. Or abuse yourself with them. They were used by ancient apothecaries… Source:

  6. Tommy Reply:

    can you smoke nutmeg and get smoke it out of a bong and feel the effects high and how much would much would i need to i need? if i smoke nutmeg how get high and can i?

  7. Abigail Reply:

    Neither, eating it wont do anything, and smoking it wont do anything unless you use alot! It would be detrimental to your health! Also, pound for pound, it is waaaaaay more expensive than marijuana!

  8. Christene Reply:

    Can smoking nutmeg get you high? No, if youre really desperate eat a lot of it. Is smoking nutmeg bad for you? yeah. Can you get high by smoking nutmeg?

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