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Does chicken noodle soup really help you when you’re sick?

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  1. Joni Reply:

    But when a man cares about you, he will typically show certain signs. doesn't let you pick up the tab and really tries to make you feel special, these are all For example, he may bring over some chicken noodle soup if you're sick, or try to Source:

  2. Mildred Reply:

    YES, it can! According to food historians chicken soup was prescribed as a cure for the common cold in ancient Egypt. The 10th century Persian physician Avicenna referred to the curative powers of chicken soup in his writings. In the 12th-c

  3. Madonna Reply:

    Chicken noodle soup can help alleviate inflammation when sick. The steam helps open nasal passages. The carbs give you energy. Source:'re-sick

  4. Lester Reply:

    It has to be home made with onion, garlic, carrots, celery, thyme and bay leaf, chunks of chicken in a rich broth. Source:

  5. Inga Reply:

    Chicken noodle soup can help when you’re sick by relieving an upset stomach and clearing mucus. Source:

  6. Dora Reply:

    Why does chicken noodle soup help you feel better when you immune system? Does it have anything to are sick? How does it help your do with the protein from the chicken??

  7. Raymonde Reply:

    You really think the soup did that?? I dont think you would have swallowed such a hot substance to hurt yourself! If it was from the soup you should recover quickly (the mouth and oropharynx recover quickly from damage) but if your sick from a virus (probably step, because your lack of immunity due to stress from finals) You gonna have to sit through the pain! No use to going to the doc! for a virus anyways, they have no antibiotics or meds! to get rid of a virus! POPSICLES, JELLO AND ICECREAM!!

  8. Edith Reply:

    If you are sick it would help to eat chicken noodle soup. That is what I usually do. Then i feel better sooner. I like to eat Vegtable Beef soup, from Cambelles.

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