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How do you make yourself get sick?

Getting drunk for most people results in a hangovers bring on many symptoms as the flu including vomiting, headaches,temp! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Lisbeth Reply:

    It just helps you sleep better, which is a good thing when you are sick. 2. Just Feel Better . How to make yourself feel happy when you are sad? Remember Source:

  2. Grazyna Reply:

    Oct 28, 2006 How do i make myself sick? There’s this thing i HAVE to go to (forced actually) and the only way i can get of it is if i’m really really sick. like fever

  3. Quinn Reply:

    One great way to keep from getting sick is to take a daily multivitamin. Multivitamins enhance your immune system and build up infection fighting white blood cells so you can stay well even when others are getting sick around you. Try a mul… Source:

  4. Lashawnda Reply:

    Take a daily multi-vitamin. This is so important! This is the #1 way to insure that your immune system will be healthy enough to fight off bacteria that can make you sick. Also, make sure you are eating a healthy diet in order to boost your… Source:

  5. Ima Reply:

    You can make yourself sick by smelling something rotten or old. Usually the smell will make you puke. If you are wanting to get a cold you should just get around someone that has a cold and drink after them and you should get it. Source:

  6. Ethyl Reply:

    How can you make yourself get get sick like cold sick sick like not vomit sick i can skip a fieldtrip but regular sick just so to la.? Does anyone no how to not vomit sick. My

  7. Deedra Reply:

    When you vomit, you lose essential trace elements like potassium, sodium (salt) and electrolytes! Electrolytes are what keep the heart beating normally and if your electrolyte balance is disturbed through vomiting, your heart rhythm may become irregular! This will make you weak and ill! You may pass out and be admitted to hospital against your will! You may even suffer a heart attack and this can kill you!Low sodium levels will lead to low blood pressure and ultimately, dizziness, fainting, blackouts and further cardiac problems!

  8. Chae Reply:

    If you are wanting to make yourself sick due to feeling ill, like after a night out drinking or because you feel sick but are not at the point where your body will

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