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How many strains of the flu are there?

There are unlimited numbers of strains because they are constantly changing, that is why you need a new flu shot every year! Any Suggestions here?


  1. josh Reply:

    i remember in my microbiology class there has been over 2000 different flu strains identified. the actual existing number of flu strains is probably way bigger though.

  2. Shawanna Reply:

    While many know it solely as "the flu," there are actually many types and subtypes While new strains typically appear every year, each flu case falls into one of Source:

  3. Lessie Reply:

    Every year, their is a new strain of flu due to it mutating. The problem with the latest is that it is I believe 4 strains in one which scientists were not anticipating. Ducks and geese are the main carriers of flu and are immune that is wh

  4. Adelina Reply:

    A/California/7/2009 (H1N1)v-like virus This is the name of the very specific strain that was selected to be used in the US approved vaccines for the Pandemic swine flu. See the related question below for more details of this nomenclature an… Source:

  5. Charolette Reply:

    The truth is, no one really knows. Flu strains are mutating all of the time. Each time a flu strain mutates to act in a different way, it is given another name (if we actually discover it and can recognize that it is different). The other p… Source:

  6. Marci Reply:

    First and foremost, everyone needs to understand that annual vaccination is critical to national health . Even when strains of influenza appear that are not covered by the vaccine, getting vaccinated is the best medicine. Remember: INFLUENZ… Source:

  7. Danika Reply:

    i got the rockin pneumonia and the boggie woogie flu

  8. Maryanne Reply:

    How many known stains of flu virus are there? If the question is asking how many strains there are of flu viruses, then unfortunately there is not an exact count.

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