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If I feel like the room is spinning in circles what does that mean?

Lightheadedness has many causes, including: Allergies, flu or cold, dehydration, alcohol, or tripping on acid! On!!! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Taylor Reply:

    Vertigo can last only a minute or two, or can flare up for weeks. of the ball, so when you can do it successfully, it means your vertigo is subsiding. If you feel up to it, try spinning around once in a circle with your eyes open. As you start to feel better, you can try walking back and forth across the room You May Also Like Source:

  2. Mirian Reply:

    Typically, you might feel like the room is spinning around in circles. of balance – the labyrinth which contains calcium particles which move when your head is Vertigo can have many causes and, before initiating treatment, your doctor will

  3. Tessa Reply:

    Deep inside your ears are some special cavities filled with fluid. Inside these cavities are sensitive little hairs attached MORE? Source:

  4. Karla Reply:

    Your inner ear has a structure inside called Eustachian tubes that provide your sense of balance. They are filled with fluid, and when you move, the fluid moves, activating tiny hairs called cilia. When you spin fast, you get the fluid movi… Source:

  5. Kelly Reply:

    because in your ear their is a liquid and so when u stop spinning the liquid stil spins so u are dizzy….. people say by holding your ears it stops you being dizzy but i am not sure so try it your self or with a friend Source:

  6. Elida Reply:

    Why do you feel like the’ve stopped spinning in circles? I always wanted to know room’s spinning around right after you. When u spin around in circles and suddenly stop, why d

  7. Crysta Reply:

    I love how you remember every single detail of your dream!Usually, I forget 3/4 of my dreams as soon as I get up!

  8. Nguyet Reply:

    the ghost has escaped out of the board and into the room that you are using it in. If you would like to know more information on the things you should be wary with when using a Ouija How do you get a different spirit talk to you in a ouija board? When the plancette on the ouija board spins in circles what does it mean?

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