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Is it bad to eat boggers?

!!! A great new book is out called Boogers Gave Me Bad Breath on Amazon!com! !!! I eat mine too and have never had flu or an ear infection but Any Suggestions here?


  1. Tai Reply:

    Fuel lines, made of plastic, can break down quickly due to bad or old gas, which will So problems like a blocked jet or screen will cause these same bogging problems. Weed Eater is a name synonymous with efficient gas lawn trimmers. Source:

  2. Albert Reply:

    No one should pick their nose, much less eat the boogers. . answer me one question: Do you perform oral sex on your partner….just as bad and maybe worse!

  3. Leslie Reply:

    Hopefully, you won’t ever have to experience what would happen, or what it tastes like to eat a bad egg. The smell of the bad egg alone, should warn you! If it so happens, that you happen to eat a bad egg, you would probably get really sick… Source:

  4. Sherley Reply:

    There really is nothing unhealthy about eating boogers. It is just disgusting to think about. Mucus drains in our throats daily. Source:

  5. Imogene Reply:

    Potatoes are bad to eat when they start growing sprouts and getting soft spots. The potatoes will also turn black in spots when bad to eat. When you cut into them they will be soft and smell bad when they are bad to eat. Source:

  6. Galina Reply:

    Health care workers – I don’t eat meat, but I do eat eggs and eat the egg white about 3 egg whites/day-good/bad? I boil 3 eggs/day and throw away the yolk. I work out and eat.

  7. Walter Reply:

    I dont know what country you live in but hopefully you could at least call the doctors office and perhaps talk with the nurse! The nurse could either advise you on how to take care of yourself or set up an appointment quickly for you! You shouldnt ignore this it sounds like you have an infection! Drink lots of fluids and keep yourself hydrated! Call an adult either family or neighbor or someone who can take you to the doctor! Hope you are Better soon!

  8. Janeth Reply:

    Is eating boogers bad? It may be gross, but it seriously is okay for you. Your nose entraps bacteria and things of that ilk and when you eat your boogers it boosts

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