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Is orange juice good to drink when you have the flu?

Yes, orange juice is good to drink when you have the flu! Thanks for asking ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Elyse Reply:

    Okay. Some of the best things to drink when you have a stomach virus, the first When you're drinking orange juice, you're actually getting a higher amount of Source:

  2. Jacinda Reply:

    When drank regularly, the Vitamin C in OJ can help build up your immune system, but it will not get rid of an existing cold.

  3. Ranee Reply:

    GET YOUR HIGHBALL GLASS – If you are not familiar with the terminology, look in the resource section below for the wikipedia definition. A highball glass is used for a lot of different cocktails and mixed drinks. It is pretty much any glass… Source:

  4. Shawnna Reply:

    1 Add the chopped apples, sugar, ginger, and about 6-7 ice cubes to a blender . If you’re serving this drink to kids, leave the ginger out. 2 Blend on a medium setting until the apples are smoothly blended and no chunks appear . 3 Add the o… Source:

  5. Gabrielle Reply:

    Orange juice is high in Vitamin C to help fight off infections. Source:

  6. Maranda Reply:

    one canned juice drink is 15% orange juice another is 5 should be mixed? together in order to get% orange juice. How many liters of each 10 liters that is 9% orange juice? how

  7. Merrie Reply:

    Because it replenishes your body after a workout with the necessary nutrients and would do the same since you lose nutrients when youre sick! I have to drink powerade when I prep for a colonoscopy because I have to clear my system for the procedure! The powerade keeps me hydrated while the stuff I put in it to clean my colon does what it does!

  8. Naoma Reply:

    Is good to drink orange juice when having the flu? Improve Improve. Yes, the vitamin c will do you good. Is orange juice good to drink if you have a fever?

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